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A-JAX, the only K-Pop boy band under DSP Media, disbands after 7 years

A-Jax is the only K-pop boy band formed under DSP Media. Image Credit: DSP Media

The K-pop seven-year curse strikes again and this time the victim is DSP Media’s only boy band. Just recently, it was made known that A-Jax will be disbanding.

DSP Media’s only boy band will be no more

According to Korean news outlet Naver, DSP Media posted an official statement through A-Jax’s official fan cafe on the disbandment. Below is the full statement provided by the Korean entertainment company and agency.

“Hello, this is DSP Media. We wanted to share some news regarding our group A-JAX. We are informing you that the exclusive contracts of the five members of A-JAX will expire as of March 31. From here on, A-JAX members will continue to move forward in their own separate ways in the entertainment industry. Please continue to support and love A-JAX members. Thank you.”

A chance at being better after A-Jax

It is sad that the only K-pop boy band formed under DSP  Media is disbanding but it should possibly be seen as a “chance at being better.” A-Jax never really took off ever since they debuted back in 2012.

Formerly known as DSP Boyz, A-Jax (often times stylized in all capital letters) made their debut back in 2012 as a seven-member boy band featuring Hyeongkon, Jaehyung, Jihu, Yunyoung, Sungmin, Seungjin, and Seungyeop.

A-Jax was consistently releasing music for only two years from 2012 to 2013. In that time, they released three extended plays titled 2MYX, Insane, and Snake. Each album sold less than 3,000 copies and only one song cracked the top 100, Hot Game at number 59.

It should also be noted that three of the original members, Jaehyung, Jihu, and Sungmin, left the group. Junghee joined in 2016.

After 2013, A-Jax rarely did or released anything. Their last Korean single (with an MV) was Snake (attached above). Their last Japanese single (with an MV) was Romeo (attached below).

After March 31, 2019, the remaining five members’ will have to resign too. All of them are seeking other opportunities in the industry outside of DSP Media. We wish them all the best and hope they can finally get the recognition they deserve.

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