Koly P shot: Rapper streams on Instagram Live from ambulance after attack

Koly P in Locked Up video and after being shot
Koly P in the video for Locked Up and, inset, on Instagram Live after being shot. Pic credit: Kolyon/Instagram

Rapper Koly P and another man were both shot on Saturday during a drive-by shooting outside of a barbershop in Pompano Beach, FL.

Broward County police confirmed two men were hit outside of the Classic Trimz Barber Shop around 8pm and were transported by ambulance to hospital.

News of the shooting was confirmed by Koly P’s manager, who did not want to be identified.

Koly P, whose real name is Mike Lee, was reportedly standing outside of the barbershop with his friend, comedian Big Lou, when a car pulled up and opened fire.

On the way to the hospital, Koly P pulled out his phone and went live on Instagram, talking about this shooting and revealing that it’s not his first.

“This is my third time being shot,” Koly P said to a paramedic. “I have been shot in my stomach, and I have been shot in my hand.”

The paramedic then asked Koly P why people kept shooting at him so much and even suggested that the rapper should consider relocating.


This is not the first time Koly P has shared news of his injuries via social media. Back in March, when Koly P was shot in the hand, he live-streamed to update fans on his recovery.

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