Kiss FM is…DEAD?

Kiss FM is...DEAD
Is Kiss FM dead? The radio station has gone silent. Pic credit: 106.1 KISS FM/YouTube

Something spooky is going on in Seattle. 106.1 KISS FM has let go the longtime Kiss morning host, Bender, and it sounds like all of the other personalities have also been pulled off the air.

Starting yesterday, the radio station began airing spooky sound effects in between songs along with random sayings, such as, “Anyone else notice it’s a bit quiet around here today? Where’d everybody go?” and “No matter what happens, thank you, Seattle.”

The radio station’s Twitter account shared a picture saying the station was dead, while the official YouTube channel has been live streaming a picture of a tombstone, saying Kiss Is Dead as of 2018.

Needless to say, listeners are confused. Some people believe it’s a Halloween stunt, while others are concerned that the radio station is indeed dead. However, some listeners reached out on Twitter, demanding an explanation.

This isn’t the first time that iHeartMedia has changed the lineup in Seattle. Back in January 2016, the company changed four stations in the city in a realignment effort, transferring the longstanding KUBE 93.3 to 104.

Other stations were also changed, but in May of this year KUBE returned to 93.3 and another station, KBKS, reverted back to Top 40 after having been changed to Hot AC.

Needless to say, iHeartMedia is no stranger to shifting programming around in Seattle.

However, some listeners are downright nervous that something is going on and they are reaching out on Twitter to see if everything is alright. But since the radio station is supposedly dead, they aren’t getting any replies.

According to All Access, someone managed to find a page on the radio station’s official website that read “KISS IS DEAD.” But before long, the page was gone and it had reverted back to a standard 404 Error page reading, “We really tried our best, but we couldn’t find the page you were looking for.”

Could this really be the deadly end of 106.1 Kiss FM? Or is this just a long and elaborate Halloween stunt that seems to be confusing more so than scary? Only time will tell.

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