Kanye West Jesus is King release: How to stream & listen to the new album for free

hip hop star kanye west released new album jesus is king oct 25
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Hip-hop star Kanye West helps people find religion with his new album Jesus is King. Ye’s latest release dropped on Friday and features a number of interesting tracks.

There’s a collaboration with Kenny G and the reunited Clipse, as well as a song mentioning Chick-Fil-A repeatedly. For those who want to check it out in full, it’s available free of charge to listen to online.

Here’s where and how to listen to or stream the latest Kanye West album Jesus is King.

Jesus is King official video, tracklist

After weeks of fans waiting and praying for some new Kanye West, the rapper released his new religious-themed album on Friday. However, he also has a movie on the way exclusively to IMAX.

West put up a trailer for that upcoming movie six days ago. Here’s a look at behind the scenes for Jesus is King – A Kanye West Film.

That movie opened on Friday in conjunction with the release of the new Kanye album. Showtimes and tickets are currently available at the IMAX website.

However, that is the movie. What about the new album? Kanye West is known for being wildly inventive with his music and this one will sit well with some fans and maybe not as well with others.

Still, it’s hard to argue with his creativity which shines through on 11 unique tracks. It’s been a while since fans had some Kanye to enjoy.

Official Jesus is King tracklist

  1. Every Hour (featuring Sunday Service Choir)
  2. Selah
  3. Follow God
  4. Closed on Sunday
  5. On God
  6. Everything We Need (featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Ant Clemons)
  7. Water
  8. God Is
  9. Hands On (featuring Fred Hammond)
  10. Use This Gospel (featuring Clipse and Kenny G)
  11. Jesus Is Lord

Those who weren’t familiar with the collection of tracks are seeing things right. The Clipse are back together for track No. 10 called Use This Gospel.

But even more unique is the addition of musician Kenny G. Hip-hop star Ty Dolla Sign stops by for Everything We Need, while Kanye’s Sunday Service Choir is on the uplifting intro track.

Another track trending upon the album’s release is Closed on Sunday. That’s the one that has West mentioning popular fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A.

Some fans are freaking out online over the hook which Ye used there. Some even claimed they’re “done with him” but that may be going too far.

That said, it’s worth listening to for loyal Kanye West fans, or even those who want to check out some religious-themed hip-hop.

Stream and listen to Kanye West’s Jesus is King

In past years, most people had to be signed up for a service like Tidal, Apple Music, or Spotify Premium to be able to listen to, stream, or download West’s newest work.

That’s true for most instances, but there’s a great free option for all internet users.

Kanye West came through for his fans by putting the album for free online, at least in terms of streaming and listening to.

The new album Jesus is King was posted in full to Kanye West’s YouTube channel. Here’s the full 11-track playlist (approximately 26 minutes) to stream and listen to below.

Of course, the new Kanye West album is also available (or will be) through the other platforms mentioned above.

  • TIDAL has the album available to those who signed up for a free trial can stream. Listen to West’s Jesus Is King at Tidal here. Tidal offers several trials for different tiers of their service. There’s a free 30-day Tidal Premium or the free 30-day trial for TidalHiFi which has Lossless High Fidelity (better sound quality) music. Check out the free trial and membership options via the album listing at Tidal.
  • Apple Music also has the new album available for listeners to check out on their platform as of Friday (Oct. 25). It isn’t officially on sale based on the iTunes/Apple Music album and songs store. Still, it’s streamable for those who have the Apple Music service. The streaming service is currently available for a free three-month trial. Visit the Apple Music album link here.
  • Spotify free and membership options also have the new album as posted by Kanye himself. It’s free in general for any level of Spotify account. However, it’s commercial-free and “shuffle play” free for those who are signed up for a Spotify Premium membership. If you can stand listening to the tracks out of order and with an ad here or there, free is fine, though. Visit the Kanye album Spotify link.

Now that it’s been handed down, the masses will now flock to listen to Ye speak of the gospel on Jesus Is King.

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