Jay-Z is back on Spotify and fans are here for it

jay z back on spotify fans react to music return
Jay-Z is celebrating his 50th birthday and Spotify has welcomed him back. Pic credit:

When it comes to hip-hop’s greatest of all time, many believe rapper Jay-Z deserves that distinction.

That’s based on his success over many decades which transcended from entertainment to business to sports, making him into a billionaire in the process. The man some would call “G.O.A.T.” celebrated his 50th birthday on Wednesday as part of that celebration Spotify brought his music back for streaming.

Spotify brings back Jay-Z’s catalog

Wednesday, December 4 marks five decades on the planet for one Shawn Carter. Most of his biggest fans know of his origin story from Marcy Houses back in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

He would pull himself out of a potential bad ending for his life, eventually putting his efforts into music rather than drug dealing. Along the way, he collaborated, hustled, and kept on pushing his best product: his music.

The rest is history, as Jay has released numerous songs that have blared from many cars, clubs, home stereos, and headphones across the planet. He’s made a few dollars along the way too.

Now, after a two-year hiatus from Spotify, the popular streaming service wished Mr. Carter a happy birthday and also wished him back to the platform. That means all of the Jay-Z greatness is back on Spotify for streaming.

The catalog includes his classic debut Reasonable Doubt, as well as the various volumes of the Blueprint and his most recent release, 4:44.

In his catalog, Jay-Z has 13 studio albums, which he released from 1996 through 2017. Many of those arrived when compact discs were still very much a thing. Of his LPs, the highest sales total went to Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life.

It features his standout track sampling the musical Annie’s popular Hard Knock song. That album was Jay’s first No. 1 in a string of 11 consecutive chart-topping albums over the years.

The Hard Knock Life album went five-times Platinum. Every album Jay-Z has released during his career has gone Platinum at least once.

In terms of songs, Jay-Z has plenty of memorable tracks such as Big Pimpin’, I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me), and Izzo (H.O.V.A.). However, it wasn’t until he teamed up with singer Alicia Keys that he nabbed his first and only No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard chart with Empire State of Mind.

Even Baby Yoda has his favorite track, as shown in a clever tweet from @HipHopDX on Wednesday. Can you really blame him? However, one has to wonder why The Mandalorian doesn’t want Jay-Z playing while they travel throughout the galaxy.

Now fans are able to stream his biggest hits on one of the most popular streaming services. So why is Jay back with Spotify? According to CNN’s report, there’s no “official announcement” regarding why Jay-Z’s music has returned to Spotify.

It competes with Jay’s very own Tidal music service. Even so, fans are enjoying this gift that keeps on giving as the holidays are quickly approaching.

Fans are loving Jay-Z’s return to Spotify

As Jay-mentions in Roc Boys, Mazel Tov, it’s a celebration! In addition to Baby Yoda, legions of Jay-Z fans are celebrating the big news of his birthday and return to Spotify.

Fans have taken to Twitter to give their thoughts on the situation, whether it’s quoting Jay’s lyrics, naming favorite songs, or using clever plays on his song titles. Here are just a few of the reactions to the big news.

One fan doesn’t have 99 Problems now that Jay’s back on Spotify.

At least one fan is pronouncing Jay’s music service Tidal, “D.O.A.,” to quote one of his popular song titles.

That may be true, although Tidal is said to offer one of the highest streaming qualities around. So those absolute music connoisseurs who need to hear one of the best in hip-hop in the best possible audio format may want to keep it locked on Tidal’s premium subscription. Otherwise, carry on with Spotify.

With the holidays quickly approaching, Spotify bringing back Jay-Z for the fans is clearly a gift that should keep on giving even beyond Hov’s 50th birthday.

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