Is Krizz Kaliko leaving Strange Music? Fans react after rapper’s Instagram and Twitter posts spark frenzy

rapper krizz kaliko during a 247HH exclusive interview
Fans are freaking out at the possibility that hip-hop star Krizz Kaliko is leaving Strange Music. Pic credit: Krizz Kaliko VEVO YouTube

Hip-hop star Krizz Kaliko has been synonymous with Strange Music since its inception two decades ago and one of the popular aspects of Tech N9ne concerts. However, as of Sunday, it appears his days with the label may be over.

Recent Instagram and Twitter posts from the rap star seem to indicate Krizz Kaliko is leaving Strange Music. Fans have reacted with disbelief, hoping he’s not officially done and giving the man his credit for helping make the label what it is today.

Krizz Kaliko posts social media messages

Krizz Kaliko, real name Samuel William Christopher Watson IV, posted several new social media messages online within the past day. Both seem to be heartfelt thank yous to one of the originators of Strange Music, and of course the fans.

On Instagram, Krizz, who is 45 years old, posted a shot of himself along with fellow StrangeMusic hip-hop star Tech N9ne, one of the men who originally founded the label. Tech is also the label’s biggest star but has helped usher in other acts including Krizz, who gave credit to him for “all the years” together.

Over on his Twitter, Krizz Kaliko tweeted a thank you message to his fans, letting them know how much they’ve meant over the years in his hip-hop career. After all, he’s been one of the members of Strange Music since it started in 1999 and stayed on for the journey through the present. Fans commented on the Twitter post, just like on Instagram, with one of the top comments from a fan praising Krizz for his music with a rainbow heart GIF.

Fans react to Krizz Kaliko leaving Strange Music

Strange Music was founded back in 1999 by Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guin. Since it started, the various artists have sold millions of albums and songs. Tech N9ne has led the way, but Krizz Kaliko released six different studio albums. Kaliko’s work dates back to 2008’s debut album Vitiligo.

In 2016, he released GO, which appears as if it may be his final solo album if he is, in fact, leaving Strange Music. That album was his first departure from being strictly hip-hop and was more R&B in terms of its vibe.

Most fans have been shocked at the news that Kaliko may be done with Strange Music. One tweet mentions how important Krizz is when it comes to Tech N9ne concerts, and even suggests maybe he’ll go out on his own as an artist.

Another series of tweets from Beneath the Dirt Twitter indicate that Krizz is leaving over a contract dispute. Fans debate that it’s about that, and then Tech N9ne replies to say “yes it does! F–k s–t that I’m steady tryin’ to fix!”

Another tweet (below) indicates it has to do with Krizz Kaliko wanting to spend more time with his younger kids while he can.

Kaliko also has dealt with an autoimmune version of vitiligo (hence his album title), which is where the body’s loss of natural pigment causes smooth, white patches to show up in different areas. In addition, he’s also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and mentioned that on a track or two.

One person on Twitter may not be fully convinced that Krizz Kaliko left Strange Music, or he’s just laughing at those upset that he may be leaving. It’s possible Kaliko could leave for some temporary time away before he gets the itch to return. After all, Jay-Z released what fans thought might be his last album, the Black Album years ago and has since brought forth several more LPs.

Comments on the tweet above include fans letting him know that Krizz needs time with family. Another mentioned that his merchandise has been pulled from the Strange Music store. Upon looking at his artist page on the site, there are no Krizz Kaliko products showing, as of this report.

More details are likely to surface about Krizz Kaliko’s potential exit from Strange Music after 20 years with the label. His biggest fans are hoping that it’s a contract situation that gets resolved if need be, or that it’s just a temporary hiatus for one of the label’s popular acts.

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