The Gorillaz Almanac to be released as Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett work with Z2 Comics

Gorillaz gets a comic book due out in October. Pic credit: Gorillaz/YouTube

A new Gorillaz book is coming soon from Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett, and Z2 Comics.

Called The Gorillaz Almanac, it will be an endeavor to tell the visual story of the cartoon band thought up by the Blur frontman.

Artist Hewlett previously worked with Albarn to bring the characters to life through music videos and now the duo is going to get a chance to tell the full backstory of the virtual group.

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When will The Gorillaz Almanac hit store shelves?

Fans can look forward to purchasing the almanac in October of 2020. That’s not a long time to wait, but plenty of time for a lot of buzz to be built up about the book.

A statement from the band reveals that this is going to be a hardcover book with 120-plus full-color pages featuring Hewlett’s artwork for the band.

The Feel Good Inc stars will get their first-ever comic strip, and the book will also have puzzles, games, and special guest appearances from Gorillaz collaborators past and present.

Z2 publisher Josh Frankel said in a satement, “Every fan of comics and animation has dreamed of seeing the Gorillaz make their comic book debut, with the Z2 team chief among them.”

Frankel continued, “The artwork, the music, and the mythos all add up to what is destined to be one of our most buzzed about releases in history, and when fans see just what we have planned, I know everyone will agree it was well worth the wait.”

This also isn’t the first time that Hewlett has worked on an almanac. He also created one for the comic series Tank Girl that he released.

Preorders for The Gorillaz Alamanc are already available through the Twitter post below.

The Gorillaz make memorable music

The names of the four animated members of Gorillaz are Stuart “2-D” Pot, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs.

The animation was a pioneering way of adding a visual presentation to the music that Damon Albarn had been creating. Albarn had help from numerous musicians on the tracks and Jamie Hewlett did a great job with the characters.

Over the years, Gorillaz has won at the MTV Video Music Awards, Brit Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and the band even took home a Grammy Award.

Some of the more notable tracks from Gorillaz have been Clint Eastwood, Feel Good Inc, Rock The House, and Saturnz Barz.

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