Free Meek on Amazon: What is Meek Mill’s height, real name, & age?

meek mill of free meek on stephen colbert late night show
Hip-hop star Meek Mill from Amazon’s Free Meek appears on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night program. Pic credit: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert YouTube

The new documentary series Free Meek on Amazon has brought plenty of attention to hip-hop star Meek Mill.

Meek Mill has been part of the rap genre for years now, bringing out his most recent album earlier this year. He was in headlines after being imprisoned and freed due to the situation with his court case. He’s also collaborated with many of the best artists in the rap game including Rick Ross, Jeezy, and Jay-Z amongst others.

As he continues his journey, fans are wondering about key details about this rap star including Meek Mill’s height, real name, and age.

Who is Meek Mill? Key details about rap celeb

For those who may not be familiar with Meek Mill, the hip-hop star hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His real name since birth was Robert Rihmeek Williams, but he embraced Meek as his musical name and it’s stuck with him. As far as his age, Meek Mill was born on May 6, 1987, so he’s currently 32-years-old.

Sports fans may have seen Meek Mill during NBA All-Star Game this past season. He was the headline performer who opened during the game’s All-Star introductions. Meek performed several of his biggest hit songs as well as newer tracks like Going Bad and Uptown Vibes from his 2019 release, Championships. Here’s part of his 2019 All-Star performance.

Speaking of NBA stars, Meek Mill’s height could qualify him as a point guard if he wanted. He’s currently 6-foot-2 according to various sources. Meek chose hip-hop and has done quite well there, though. That said, he’s no stranger when it comes to enjoying various sports games. He’s also hung out with some of the biggest names in sports and formed a bond with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Over his history, Meek has released four studio albums. In addition to Championships, Meek also released Dreams and Nightmares in 2012, Dreams Worth More than Money in 2015, and Wins & Losses in 2017. In terms of his recent work, listeners should check out his guest verses on Rick Ross’ Bogus Charms and Jeezy’s MLK BLVD.

What is Free Meek on Amazon?

The new docuseries takes a look at Meek Mill’s previous conviction from 2007. The series was released on Amazon on August 9, 2019, and is continuing to generate plenty of buzz. It features five total episodes and also includes Jay-Z, Swiss Beats, and Michael G. Rubin, among others. Here’s a look at the Free Meek trailer for the Amazon Prime Video exclusive series.

Meek was eventually freed and is now making moves along with hip-hop mogul and series co-star Jay-Z. The two have collaborated together before, but the latest deal was probably amongst the biggest in his career. Meek was previously signed with Maybach Music Group (MMG) along with Rick Ross and also had a label deal Grand Hustle Records prior to this newest deal.

In his appearance on Stephen Colbert’s late-night show, he spoke about his new label deal with Jay-Z. In addition, viewers can hear more of his story about being falsely charged and getting off probation.

 He’s also continuing to make music and is currently on tour. Meek Mill’s “Legendary Nights Tour” with Future hits Detroit, Michigan this weekend. It also features YG, Mustard, and of course, Future. Fans can currently check out Meek Mill’s tour along with rapper Future at the 313 website.

Viewers can watch Free Meek exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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