Eminem In The Cypher: See his and Chris D’Elia’s footage side by side

Eminem in his BET Cypher on the left, Chris D'Elia in his impression on the right
Eminem, left, and comedian Chris D’Elia doing his cypher impression, right. Pic credit: BET Networks/Chris D’Elia/YouTube

Chris D’Elia is known for doing some pretty great impressions and it was already no secret that he could pull off a pretty good version of Eminem.

Just days ago, D’Elia shared a video of his version of Eminem’s infamous BET cypher on YouTube and did such a good job that even the rapper noticed.

After watching Chris D’Elia perform in his garage, Eminem took to Twitter, writing, “This is INCREDIBLE!!! 4 a second, I actually thought it WAS me!!”

In the short clip, Chris D’Elia can be seen pacing his dirty garage as he mimicks the Without Me rapper, all the way down to his angry growl as he raps randomly about the items strewn around him.

It didn’t take long for Chris D’Elia to respond back, telling Eminem, “You’re the man for this. And for everything before this.”

The original Eminem cypher from 2017 can be seen below.

This isn’t the first time Chris D’Elia has taken on an Eminem impression and we’re betting it won’t be his last either. Just months ago, Chris shared another Eminem impression and quickly earned accolades for his comedy and for his accuracy.

Has anyone done a better Eminem impression than Chris D’Elia? Known for his roles on Whitney, Undateable and The Good Doctor, D’Elia is a rising star who is quickly becoming more famous for his comedy than for the roles he plays.

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