Donald Glover Presents: Where to stream and listen to new Childish Gambino album

donald glover aka childish gambino
Donald Glover has dropped a new surprise album, or collection of tracks, for fans to stream. Pic credit: Collin/Image Press Agency

Suprise albums drop all the time, and as of Saturday, Childish Gambino blessed his fans with a new Donald Glover Presents album or project in surprising fashion.

Not only was it out of nowhere, but it has his fans looking everywhere including Spotify, TIDAL, and Apple Music to see if it’s possible to stream. Here are the latest details on Glover’s album and where to stream it for listening.

Childish Gambino surprises with Donald Glover Presents stream

People may be familiar with Donald Glover from the TV series Atlanta or the Star Wars Han Solo film. However, the talented actor is also a talented musical artist.

That extends to creating hip-hop albums under the moniker Childish Gambino, or simply going by his real name, Donald Glover. The first of his hip-hop albums, Camp, arrived back in 2011. In 2013, he dropped Because the Internet followed by Awaken, My Love! In 2016.

Glover has also brought forth many more projects, and the controversial yet catchy This Is America song not long ago. However, it felt like a while since there was anything from the talented actor and artist.

It’s 2020, and now it seems that a new release has arrived. While many people were sleeping, Glover revealed a surprise project that has since been dubbed Donald Glover Presents.

Based on tweets and reports, Donald Glover’s surprise album has 12 tracks. That includes at least a few guest features too, with singer Arianna Grande and fellow rapper 21 Savage popping up.

There was no indication anywhere that this was going to arrive online, so maybe Glover felt the time was just right.

Where to stream and listen to new album

Not only was the release of the collection of tracks a surprise, but so far it’s also a mystery as to whether or not this is going to be available for Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon, or Apple Music anytime soon.

That’s based on the fact it’s only available to listen to and stream through the website,

Upon arriving to the website, visitors see a large bit of artwork in black and white. It depicts what appears to be a riot with burning buildings and people standing on top of cars in the background.

Quickly created, or ironic timing? Who knows, but the art is the backdrop with a play arrow laid across it.

Listeners can click that play button and listen to the stream of Donald Glover Presents. It’s a streaming loop of the entire project.

Fans everywhere can only hope that they’ll have more options to stream and listen to the new Childish Gambino album.

In a time when most people are staying at a safe distance from the public places and other people, music is amongst the one available options to keep from becoming completely bored. Thanks to Donald Glover, at least there’s the streaming loop for now.

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