Danny Elfman will play Coachella 2020 and fans are freaking out

Danny Elfman will play Coachella 2020 and fans are freaking out
Danny Elfman will play Coachella 2020. Pic credit:

Coachella released its 2020 lineups and there was one name that has fans in a frenzy. Sandwiched in between rappers 21 Savage and DaBaby is Danny Elfman.

That fact alone has some fans laughing.

Of course, Danny Elfman is best known for his movie scores.

Elfman has conducted the scores for 17 of Tim Burton’s films, from Batman and Edward Scissorhands to Alice in Wonderland and Dumbo. He also has movie scores for other directors, ranging from Spider-Man and Good Will Hunting to Men in Black and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Danny Elfman has picked up four Oscar nominations, two Emmy awards, one Grammy award, and six Saturn awards.

When fans saw Danny Elfman was performing at Coachella 2020, many immediately went to the movie scores.

There is also the age thing, as Danny Elfman goes back even further than ’90s metal icons Rage Against the Machine, who will also play Coachella 2020.

With that said, what a lot of younger fans may not understand is that Danny Elfman is more than just his movie scores. As a matter of fact, he has a band and has toured for many years.

He was actually the founding member of one of the ’80s’ most eclectic cult bands, Oingo Boingo. The band was heavily influenced by the ska and punk scenes at the time.

The band’s 1985 album, Dead Man’s Party, was certified gold and included their top hit, Weird Science. which was the theme song for the TV series that spun-off from the teen film.

Danny Elfman retired from Oingo Bongo in 1995, citing hearing loss due to the live concerts. He knew he needed to protect his hearing to continue his film score career.

However, Elfman still loves to tour and perform concerts, and often they are based on his film scores. After a 2015 concert for The Nightmare Before Christmas score, he reunited with guitarist Steve Bartek to perform Oingo Boingo’s Dead Man’s Party.

Coachella 2020 takes place from April 10-12 and April 17-19. Danny Elfman will play on both Saturdays.

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