Boonk Gang ‘died and got cloned’ into John Gabbana, says John Gabbana

Rapper John Gabbana says his previous iteration Boonk Gang died and got cloned to create who he is today — but that he wants to cover it up.

Gabbana, who was known as Boonk until just weeks ago, posted a message on Instagram looking slightly worse for wear and saying: “Boonk Gang got cloned as John Gabbana, but promise me you won’t say anything. Promise me.” Putting his finger to his mouth he added: “Shhhhh.”

His claim sparked a mixture of hilarity and confusion on the internet.

John Gabbana was known as Boonk Gang until the summer when he started a new Instagram page and shut down his old one after he appeared to post graphic videos of him having sex.

His previous Twitter page is still live but is blacked out and includes just one Tweet, a retweet of a post from his John Gabbana page saying “It’s ok to be afraid…”

His real name is John Robert Hill Jr. — at least the previously non-“cloned” version of himself was — and he first shot to fame by making videos showing himself stealing things.

His new Instagram page, as John Gabbana, has more than 478,000 followers at the time of writing.

His new claim that Boonk Gang was cloned to create him comes before he releases new music later this month.

Gabbana Attack is set to come out at midnight on Thanksgiving, November 23.

Gabbana appeared at ComplexCon earlier this month where he was asked if his journey was harder than the next person’s.

He replied: “I don’t think it’s harder, no, everybody’s life is hard…life is hard, period. I just don’t complain, I don’t bitch about my s***. You know what I’m saying? I go through my s*** every day.

“I’ve got problems right now, I ain’t even seen my son yet. That s***’s hurting to my heart…but everybody in this room is going through something, and I don’t feel like my life is harder than any one of theirs.”

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