A skeleton lives like a rockstar in The Wytches’ Who Rides? video

The skeleton's head in The Whyches' video for new single Who Rides? Watch the full video below
The skeleton’s head in The Wytches’ video for new single Who Rides? Watch the full video below

Psych-garage rock trio The Wytches have returned with an incendiary new EP, Home Recordings, along with a video for the single Who Rides?.

The Brighton group impressed many with their 2014 full-length debut Annabel Dream Reader. Their scuzzy guitar rock is just as heavy as it is awashed with eerie psychedelia.

After a few years of radio silence, their new seven-track EP features recordings of previously unreleased material from the band along with a cover of the Misfits classic Cough/Cool.

The, dare I say it, skeletal video they shared for the heavy cut Who Rides? features a marionette skeleton living out the rockstar lifestyle: playing shows, buying guitars and indulging in excess.

The album artwork for The Wytches' new EP Home Recordings
The album artwork for The Wytches’ new EP Home Recordings

The bleak meets tongue-in-cheek visual perfectly compliments the burner of a single behind it.

With sludgy chords, an indelible riff in the hook and Kristian Bell’s wicked vocals, Who Rides? creeps and crawls unlike much of their other material. It sounds like early Sabbath if it came with a case of early Lemonheads.

The material on this EP, most of which was recorded in Bell’s garage, is very impressive and if some of it makes it on to their next full length, the result would be anything but disappointing.

If you needed something heavy and trippy to start off your weekend, look no further than one of the UK’s most promising exports.

Check out the video for “Who Rides?” below:

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