Zack Snyder wants to see a Black Superman in movies

Zack Snyder wants to see a Black Superman in movies
Calvin Ellis, the Black Superman. Pic credit: DC Comics

The idea of a Black Superman is polarizing many fans for different reasons.

Some fans who don’t want to see this Black Superman are Zack Snyder fans who want to see Henry Cavill come back as the Man of Steel.

However, many of those fans don’t know there are several Supermen in comic books, from different Earths in the multiverse, including at least two Superman characters in Calvin Ellis and Val-Zod.

Now, the Zack Snyder fans who openly dismissed a Black Superman in movies have their beloved director taking the other side of the debate.

Zack Snyder wants to see a Black Superman

Zack Snyder spoke to RadioTimes about the idea of J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates making a Black Superman movie for the DCEU.

Snyder said he not only supports a Black Superman movie, but that it is “long overdue.”

“My feeling is that I love J.J. [Abrams], I love what he’s done in the past,” Snyder said. “I’m interested to see what happens, it’s a bold and cool and probably long overdue move. But I love Henry [Cavill] as Superman, of course, I do. He’s my Superman.”

It shows that Snyder still supports Henry Cavill as his Superman, but he also knows there are other stories to tell.

Snyder admitted he isn’t involved in anything with Warner Brothers and the upcoming DCEU movies.

“I guess for me it’s just wait and see what they do with this and how it manifests itself. But on the surface, it seems interesting.”

Michael B. Jordan excited about Black Superman

Michael B. Jordan, who played one of Marvel’s greatest villains in Killmonger, is also excited about the Black Superman movie.

He said that he isn’t likely to play Superman, despite fans wanting to see it, but he wants to see the movie made.

“It’s smart of DC to grab Ta-Nehisi to adapt that project,” Jordan told The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s incredibly talented. It’s going to be worth checking out. I’m flattered that people have me in that conversation. It’s definitely a compliment, but I’m just watching on this one.”

The news came recently that it is Kal-El as the Black Superman. That sounds like it could be Kalel, the real name for Calvin Ellis. However, Kal-El and Kalel are not the same.

With that said, the producers behind the DCEU might not know the difference outside of Geoff Johns, whose participation is still unknown.

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