X-Men: 10 most powerful omega-level mutants, ranked

The X-Men's omega level mutants
The X-Men’s omega level mutants Pic credit: Marvel Comics

The X-Men are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon, although there is no hint on which mutants might show up.

While the mutants everyone has gotten to know are the basic X-Men, there are many more that movie fans have yet to meet.

For the uninitiated, mutants are split up into different power levels, from the Beta Level Mutants to Alpha Level to the all-powerful Omega Level mutants.

What makes Omega Level Mutants so powerful is the fact there are no real limits to their powers. Beta and Alpha mutants have a limit to what they can do and achieve using their powers.

However, Omega Level mutants might not even know the true extent of their powers, as they can do almost anything, from changing the entire world to destroying it in an instant.

Here is a look at the 10 most powerful Omega level mutants in X-Men today.


Jamie Braddock Jr is Monarch in Marvel Comics
Jamie Braddock Jr is Monarch in Marvel Comics Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Looking at Monarch, it might seem strange to realize how powerful he really is. However, Monarch is from a major Marvel family.

Jamie Braddock Jr. is the oldest child of the Braddock family, his brother the former Captain Britain, and his sister, at one time, shared a body with Psylocke.

Jamie, who rules in Excalibur, can warp reality. His power to readjust the world in any way he sees fit makes him an Omega level mutant. At his worst, he could reshape the universe or just create utter chaos.


Exodus flying in Marvel Comics
Exodus flying in Marvel Comics Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Exodus is an ancient mutant, a crusader from the 12th Century. However, Apocalypse encountered him then and imprisoned him in a crypt.

He eventually escaped and proved to be an Omega-level mutant, with considerable psionic powers. He is one of the most powerful telepaths in the world of mutants.

He can also boost his own telekinetic powers by feeding on another mutant’s psionic powers, making the extent of his powers almost limitless.


Iceman in X-Men Marvel Comics
Iceman in X-Men Marvel Comics Pic credit: Marvel Comics

It might seem shocking to learn that Iceman is one of Marvel’s Omega level mutants.

On the outside, he is just the guy who has the mutant powers to create and control ice. However, the actual power he has is to freeze water vapor in the air and create anything from it.

He has worked hard over the years to master his powers and can now manipulate water and ice on a molecular level.

At one point, Emma Frost took control of Iceman’s body and proved he was holding back all these years and could be even more destructive than he ever hinted.


Proteus is an Omega level mutant
Proteus is an Omega level mutant Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Proteus is one of the most unstable Omega level mutants alive.

He is Moira MacTaggert’s son, and it turned out she is a lot more powerful than anyone believed as shown in the House of X series.

As for Proteus, he can warp reality by manipulating the surrounding energy. The only limit to what he can do is his own imagination.

There is one problem. He burns out his body when he uses his powers, and the host bodies don’t last as long as they used to. Each time a body finishes, it causes massive destruction, and the rulers of Krakoa keep him isolated and in a containment suit to protect the island.

Hope Summers

Hope Summers in the X-Men
Hope Summers in the X-Men Pic credit: Marvel Comics

M-Day was when Scarlet Witch said “no more mutants” and eliminated the powers of over 90 percent of Earth’s mutant population.

The first mutant born after M-Day was Hope Summers. It was Summers who saved mutant-kind by returning powers to all mutants on Earth.

It destroyed Cerebro when the mutant sensor noticed her, showing how powerful her Omega-level mutant powers are. Her powers involve her copying the powers of mutants around her and can use their powers at a heightened strength.


Magneto in the X-Men
Magneto in the X-Men Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Magneto was one of the X-Men’s first villains, and in more recent years, was one of their strongest allies.

He is a Holocaust survivor who believes in protecting mutants at all costs and has no trust in humanity following the atrocities of World War II.

Magneto calls himself the Master of Magnetism and can create and control magnetic fields as large as the earth’s entire electromagnetic field.

He can also control iron in a person’s blood and has the reputation as one of Earth’s most dangerous mutants.


Storm in the X-Men
Storm in the X-Men Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Storm’s powers are controlling the weather, but that is putting it lightly.

Storm is an Omega level mutant and her powers are much more than just creating storms. She can control and manipulate all weather, from fog and rain to powerful winds, tornados, and even hail.

She can also use her powers in outer space and she can see the full spectrum of nature on a planet and then use that to create earthquakes, tsunamis, or volcanos if she desires.

There is almost no limit to the destruction Storm can cause to a planet.

Quentin Quire

Quentin Quire in X-Men
Quentin Quire in X-Men Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Quentin Quire was at one time known as Kid Omega and was one of the most annoying teenage students at Xavier’s school.

Since the creation of Krakoa, Quentin has come a long way and has both matured as a person and as a powerful mutant.

Most consider Jean Grey the greatest mutant telepath in the world, and Quentin is the only mutant that comes close to matching her powers.

However, as Jean showed recently, she still ranks above Quentin because of her patience and discipline, neither of which Quentin possesses. Quentin is a super genius and pulls up millions of thoughts every second, which is a help and a hinderance.

With that said, even Jean knows Quentin is extremely powerful, and with training, could surpass even her.


David Haller as Legion in X-Men
David Haller as Legion in X-Men Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Legion is the world’s most unique mutants because his powers are almost limitless, but he is only capable to control one at a time.

As Professor X’s son, it is no surprise he is so powerful. He is both a telepath and a telekinetic. He can cause ultimate destruction with just his mind, making him extremely dangerous.

What makes him even deadlier is the fact he has multiple personalities, each with different secondary mutant powers, and these personalities are always fighting for control.

There are possibly thousands of personalities in David fighting for control. His lack of control is the only thing that holds him down.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey as Phoenix in the X-Men
Jean Grey as Phoenix in the X-Men Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Jean Grey is the most powerful Omega-level mutant on Earth.

She was one of the first X-Men and is Earth’s second most powerful telepath behind only Professor X. However, what makes her an Omega level mutant is that the telepathy is not her only powers.

Jean was, at first, a telekinetic. That was because Professor X put a block in her mind, knowing how powerful he could be and knowing the trauma in her mind.

When Jean had these blocks removed, she became the Phoenix and almost destroyed the world.

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