WonderCon 2018 Cosplay Gallery

A group Teen Titans cosplay by S.T.A.R. Cosplay. Find them on Instagram @s.t.a.r.cosplay, Twitter @star_cosplay_ Snapchat @starcosplay or Facebook!

Every time there is a convention like Comic-Con, it gives creative people the opportunity to dress up like their favorite characters. This weekend, WonderCon in Anaheim hosted thousands of attendees, many of them in costume. We wandered the floor of the Anaheim convention center on Friday to see what homemade creations would inspire us, and this year’s cosplayers didn’t disappoint.

Scroll through our gallery of WonderCon cosplayers to see new interpretations of some recent movie characters and old comic book standbys. Where available, we also got the social media accounts of the cosplayers so you can keep following their work!

The Guardians of the Galaxy, led by Mantis (@Liane507 on Instagram)!
This Link from The Legend of Zelda is by artist Shuji Wakahisaa whose work can be found at Shujiwakahisaa.deviantart.com!
The Playboy Princes are men dressed as Disney princesses to raise awareness for sexual harassment in cosplay. Find out more at The Adventure Effect’s Facebook page!
See more of this Chucky on Instagram @KamilleKayleen!
Kim Possible by @KyrraMarie. See more on her Instagram!
Tony Contreras goes by @aztonystark but today he’s Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman!
This cosplayed fulfilled her lifelong dream to cosplay as Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion!
This Mars Attacks! cosplay by Natty Lou Creations, at Nattyloucreations.com or Instagram @natty.lou.creations!
Don’t worry, Eleven will save you!
Some gender flipped cosplay with @ErickZoolander as Mr. Harley Quinn!
Indiana Jones isn’t on Instagram. He’s from the ’30s!
Jess Roth (@Jcorvus)’s Harley Quinn carries a big hammer!
Black Canary by @aquward!
Cort of the Dead, from Breathlessimagery.com!
I’ve loved Supergirl since I was 7. I’ll always stop for a Supergirl. This one is @dorilavalamp!
Okay, maybe it’s not fair to include the professional makeup schools, but check out the body art on this dude!
Poison Ivy wears black in the animated series, so that’s how @thesweetestdrug cosplays!
Remember The Rocketeer? He’s back now thanks to @snowyspidey_cosplay!
Scarlet Spider by @randomcosplayguy!
It’s Ruby Roundhouse from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle by Mandi Kurth @Stagelighteyes!
It’s Cotton Candy Garnet from Steven Universe by @pokemonxzelda!
It’s She Hulk on casual Friday by @socialkosplay!
A classic like Poison Ivy never goes out of style!
You meet the nicest people on the bus, like Elizabeth from Persona 3!

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