William Gibson’s Alien 3 script will get Dark Horse comic adaptation

William Gibson’s Alien 3 script will get Dark Horse comic adaptation
William Gibson’s Alien 3 script will get Dark Horse comic adaptation

The story behind Alien 3 is an interesting one. After the first two movies were huge successes, the third film was a disappointment on many levels. When it comes to the movie, directed by David Fincher, there was an unmade version that never saw the light of day.

Now, William Gibson’s Alien 3 script will become a Dark Horse comic adaptation and fans can finally see the movie that was once meant to be.

According to Comic Book Resources, Dark Horse Comics will release the comic book series based on Gibson’s original Alien 3 script starting in November. Johnnie Christmas will both write and draw the comic book series.

This isn’t the first time that Dark Horse has done something like this, as they also released a comic book series based on George Lucas’ first Star Wars draft.

Dark Horse has also released comics based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Conan, and originally hit it big with its own originals, Hellboy and Sin City.

Alien — the first movie in the franchise — was a horror movie directed by Ridley Scott about a crew trapped on a ship in outer space as an alien onboard began to kill them. In the end, it was a haunted house movie in outer space.

In Aliens — the second movie in the series — James Cameron came onboard and made a giant sci-fi action movie with military units battling the aliens.

The third movie, with David Fincher in the director’s seat, took the story to the home planet of the aliens and was polarizing to fans and critics and Fincher himself disowned it in the end.

However, in the original William Gibson Alien 3 script, it picked up right after Aliens ended with the survivors heading into a “Soviet Union-like territory” and ended up battling the aliens on a space station. Producers were not happy with the script and eventually moved away from his idea.

The William Gibson Alien 3 Script has been available to read online for awhile, and now fans can see it play out in a Dark Horse comic book series.

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