Wesley Snipes is open to doing a cameo in Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot

Wesley Snipes in Blade reboot Featured.
Wesley Snipes as Blade. Pic credit: New Line Cinema

Marvel Studios is going forward with a Blade reboot, after the three-film franchise from New Line Cinema. The original actor to play the role was Wesley Snipes. 

In a recent interview, the action star threw his support behind the MCU movie, and was even open to doing a cameo in the film.

News of Wesley Snipes in the Blade reboot is sure to excite long-time fans as well as give audiences something to look forward to if it happens. 

Wesley Snipes supports the Blade Reboot.

With his upcoming release in Coming 2 America, Snipes gave an interview to promote the film during which he discussed the upcoming Marvel Studios Blade reboot. 

For years, Snipes has wanted to return to the role of Blade, a character he brought to life with his fan-favorite performance.

Rumors persisted that the outspoken actor wasn’t happy about not being chosen to reprise the role in the new reboot. However, Snipes laid those rumors to rest in a new interview. 

Wesley Snipes in Blade reboot Comics.
Blade in the Marvel comics. Pic credit: Marvel
Wesley Snipes in Blade reboot Logo.
The MCU Blade reboot logo. Pic credit: Marvel Studios

Speaking to ET, the actor vocally gave his support to the new MCU movie saying, “I’m one thousand percent supportive of it. I think it’s great. Go for it, my man.” Snipes even praised the casting of Mahershala Ali in the role that he brought to life originally. 

His return in a different capacity was then discussed, with the actor revealing he is open to a cameo. 

Wesley Snipes in Blade Reboot would be great fan-service

Wesley Snipes in Blade reboot Ali.
Mahershala Ali in Luke Cage. Pic credit: Netflix.

“You never know. Under the right circumstances, I’m open to play with everybody”, Snipes replied, while also showcasing his support for the huge fan community, known as the Daywalker community.

The original Blade movie released in 1998 along with two sequels thereafter. The movie was significant for being, not only an R-Rated superhero movie, but one with a Black lead. 

Marvel Studios, who recently regained the rights to Jessica Jones and the Punisher, announced the Blade reboot during San Diego Comic-Con 2019 while confirming Oscar winning actor Mahershala Ali in the titular role, taking over the mantle from Snipes. 

There are no details as of yet regarding the scope of the story of the new MCU Blade. However, incorporating Snipes in a cameo role would only serve to benefit the franchise and its fans. 

There is no official release date or production date for the Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot.

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