Watch hilarious clip of Jay Mohr in Crackle comedy Party Boat

Party Boat with two patrol officers on a boat
Jay Mohr (right) stars as Lake Patrol Officer Walsh after some respect, seen here with sidekick Hicks (Jc Caylen)

Watch a hilarious clip from new movie Party Boat as Jay Mohr’s Patrol Officer Walsh attempts to explain to Officer Hicks (Jc Caylen) why there is a bed, cooking pans and a pot full of urine in the office.

Party Boat follows the adventures of wild man Max (Brett Davern) who loves to party as hard as he can.

His latest challenge is to throw an awesome party for his best friend Kiley (Katie Leclerc) whom he also happens to have a huge crush on.

When Max finds out her boyfriend Greg is planning to propose he does everything in his power to win her over and pull over the craziest party of all time!

POster for the movie showing man drunk on an inflatable
Time to party! The poster for Party Boat

Party animals Max and Kiley have also been making life hell for Mohr’s Lake Patrol Officer Walsh.

He’s out to clear his name and maybe get a little payback for all the hassles he’s been put through as a result of Max’s crazy antics.

The cast also includes Sung Kang as Kiley’s straight-laced boyfriend, Beau Mirchoff, and Demetreius Bridges.

Party Boat is available to watch now on Playstation and will premiere Thursday, August 24, on Sony’s free streaming network Crackle.

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