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The War Begins in ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Beta

Hallelujah! Star Wars: Battlefront has finally arrived – in Beta at least. For many gaming fans of the Force, this is a cathartic moment. It seems like eons have passed since we were first teased with a next-gen (now current-gen) Star Wars game. Thankfully, an upcoming J.J. Abrams-helmed movie (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and a massive push by Disney have brought all the pieces into play for the game’s release this year.

E3 and Gamescom teased us with “wave battles” on Tatooine. Facing off against Storm Troopers, while igniting your jetpack, is nothing short of bliss. Sure, sometimes taking the time to land a headshot with your blaster’s scope seems like a waste compared to just firing away recklessly, but this is freakin’ Star Wars. Massive battles on Tatooine and Hoth were dreams that kids of the 80s and 90s never thought would be realized. But now it’s here – in Beta. You just have to get on it to experience it.

With new Halo and Call of Duty games on deck this year, it’s hard for a shooter game to rise out of obscurity. Some gamers love the pseudo-realism of Call of Duty and Battlefield while others prefer the fantastical worlds of Halo. However, a franchise title like this, that’s pretty much Battlefield in Lucas World, will surely call out fans of both realistic and fantasy shooters.

Can you imagine it – fans of both realistic and fantasy shooters united as one under the Empire’s iron fist?
You’ll need to unite in this game. While taking down waves of Storm Troopers on Tatooine was relatively easy in co-op mode, fighting AT-AT’s on Hoth was a nightmare. To clarify, it’s an awesome nightmare – one where Darth Vader shows up. But the difficulty is through the roof.

The Empire utterly hates you in the 40 v 40 Walker Assault and the developers at Dice let you know it. To be a rebel is not fun. You need to find vehicles. Running around on foot in the open will leave you respawning ad nauseum. Sporadic Y-Wings may show up to help, but you really need to work your headsets so that you and your teammates work together. If you’re the Empire, rest easy, you’ll probably win 90% of the time. But, hey – this just makes winning as a rebel that much more satisfying.

I can’t lie. It’s been a while since I cared for new shooters on the market. I’d rather play through the ridiculously fun firefights in Plants vs Zombies (which I’ll easily run for hours) than another “ultra-realistic” shooter that just doesn’t quite measure up. But in this singular instance, I put my faith in the Force and in Dice. Star Wars: Battlefront is only a month away (street date Nov 17) and this Force fan simply can’t wait. Until then, I’ll be rebelling on Beta.

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