The Lion King 2019: Is there a post credits scene after the movie ends?

disney remake of the lion king 2019 in theaters
Disney’s CGI remake of The Lion King hits theaters on Friday, July 19. Pic credit: Walt Disney/Nat Geo Wild

On Friday, The Lion King 2019 movie roars into theaters everywhere. Viewers will be checking out the latest Disney remake featuring computer-animated versions of the classic’s characters like Simba and Mufasa.

There’s also a new cast of voice actors including Donald Glover, Beyonce, Seth Rogen, and Eric Andre, among other stars.

Some viewers may be wondering if there are any post-credits scenes for The Lion King 2019 and whether a sequel could happen. Here are some details.

The Lion King 2019 reception, expectations

While the original Disney animated classic was well-received, the newer version is getting so-so reviews. As of this report, The Rotten Tomatoes website gives an aggregate critics’ score of just 56 percent. That’s not a “certified fresh” score, unfortunately.

The consensus is that it’s a “by-the-numbers retelling that lacks the energy and heart” which made the original a classic.

They do mention that some fans may be happy enough with this version. It may let them experience the original in a somewhat new format with their kids.

That said, the critics’ score is a lot lower than what RT shows for the audience score. Based on a total of 248 audience reviews, it’s showing a 92 percent score. Once more people get to theaters to see it, that should tell the story.

In terms of box office expectations, is there much reason to believe this won’t do well? It carries the Disney name and is an all-time classic. For comparison, another remake for Dumbo flopped and had a 46 percent at RT, and a nearly-as-bad audience score.

The Aladdin remake featured star actor Will Smith and despite a 56 percent score from critics, went on to make a good amount of revenue.

Per Box Office Mojo, The Lion King is expected to pull in $175 to $180 million for its debut this weekend. That would set an all-time record, topping 2011’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Is there a Lion King 2019 post-credits scene?

Do viewers need to stick around until the end credits for some special scenes? That’s only necessary for those who may want to relax a bit more, listen to some more of the Lion King 2019 soundtrack, and see who was involved in making it happen.

One of the new songs for The Lion King 2019 comes from Elton John. It’s called “Never Too Late” and plays during the end credits for those who want to listen to that. It’s also available on the original motion picture soundtrack on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms.

Listen to the new upbeat track from the official Disney EVO YouTube video below.

There are no mid or end-credits scenes with The Lion King 2019. It’s simply the credits for this Disney remake. As far as the potential for a sequel, that probably depends on the box office success, and whether the powers that be feel there’s more story to tell.

Disney released a few follow-ups to their original 1994 animated film. In 1998, they brought out The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. Six years later, they released The Lion King 1-1/2 which wasn’t necessarily a sequel. It was more of a “retelling” of the original from the meerkat and warthog characters in the film.

With the expectation for a huge take at the box office in 2019, it wouldn’t be surprising if Disney came up with a way to release Lion King sequel several years down the road!

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