The Invisible Man is totally freaking people out with this one scene

Elisabeth Moss in The Invisible Man
Elisabeth Moss in The Invisible Man. Pic credit: Universal Studios

This week, Blumhouse unleashed a thrilling reimagining of The Invisible Man, which takes the story from HG Wells and places it in the context of an abusive relationship.

As stated in our review, the movie is an absolute blast and is a strong metaphor on how abusive partners isolate their victims. The Invisible Man also plays with the idea that abuse can go on for years and never be seen by family members or friends.

These themes were also prevalent in the Captain Marvel film with Brie Larson. It’s a brilliant approach from the director and writer Leigh Wannell.

Since the film’s release, one scene has had the internet flipping out over the weekend and has kept the online community abuzz since it hit theaters.

Those who have seen the film know exactly which moment is being referenced. And if you have not seen the movie, be warned Spoilers will follow!

Twitter reacts to the ‘Restaurant Scene’ from The Invisible Man

The scene in question occurs during the peak of the closing moments of the second act of The Invisible Man.

Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) meets with her sister Emily at a restaurant to win her back after Adrian manipulates Emily into believing Cecilia hates her.

The scene gives off this vibe that nothing bad can happen because it’s in a public setting with lots of people.

Just as Cecilia is telling Emily about the suit she found in Adrian’s mansion, Emily sees a knife floating next to Cecilia — and before she can react, invisible Adrian cuts her throat.

Both times seeing the movie over the weekend, the audience gasped and screamed at the scene in shock.

Honestly, the last experience in recent memory that is remotely comparable is the bus sequence from 2000’s Final Destination. Those who remember that movie theater moment probably deserve a free prescription for high blood pressure.

And apparently, social media agrees because the reactions from Twitter have been rampant. Check out some of those fans online reacting to the restaurant scene from The Invisible Man below:

However, not everyone was completely impressed by the sequence, as some Twitter users have pointed out the plot holes of security footage possibly saving Cecilia’s life.

More about The Restaurant Scene from The Invisible Man

The scene in question may have plotholes but Leigh Wannell’s direction sells the moment beautifully.

One can easily suspend their disbelief that surveillance would not be checked because it happens right out in the open. And that’s on the assumption that the security camera had a close enough shot to spot a floating knife.

Either way, the scene is unforgettable and will leave viewers speechless long after they leave the theaters. It’s an incredible horror movie and one we rarely get blessed with.

The Invisible Man is now in theaters.

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