Special Correspondents trailer: Ricky Gervais’s new comedy looks like a hit

Eric Bana, Kelly Macdonald and Ricky Gervais in Special Correspondents. Watch the trailer below

The trailer for upcoming movie Special Correspondents has just dropped – featuring comedy legend Ricky Gervais alongside Eric Bana in what promises to be one of the year’s funniest films.

The story focuses on Bana’s Frank Bonneville, a local radio presenter, and his sound engineer Ian Finch (Gervais), as they transmit fake war reports across the radio waves in New York City.

The trailer shows them hiring a run-down office across the road from a major station, where they pretend to be sending out gritty stories from Ecuador.

But as they risk being found out they end up “going missing” – which means they will actually have to go to Ecuador for real.

The movie features the classically understated Ricky Gervais comedy which has made him a household name on both sides of the Atlantic after he shot to fame in the UK version of The Office.

It also stars Trainspotting’s Kelly Macdonald as Claire Maddox and Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera.

Special Correspondents is being distributed by Netflix and is set to be released on April 29 after a premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 22.

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