See You Yesterday Part 2: Will there be a sequel?

C.J. and Sebastian in See You Yesterday
Will there be a See You Yesterday Season 2? Pic credit: Netflix

If you have seen Netflix’s new science fiction film See You Yesterday, you might have wondered, due to its inconclusive ending, whether the movie creators plan to make a sequel.

Since Netflix dropped the movie on Friday, May 17, hundreds of fans have taken to social media, saying they want a sequel to the movie so that they can get closure following the cliffhanger ending.

However, Decider reports that director Stefon Bristol has said that he currently has no plans for a sequel to the movie.

“I am thinking about moving on my life and making new art,” Bristol told Decider. “Making another movie? I personally like when a story ends. And that’s all I’m gonna say!”

See You Yesterday: The story

See You Yesterday follows the young science prodigy C.J. Walker (Eden Duncan Smith) who builds a time travel device with her best friend Sebastian (Dante Crichlow) and then goes back in time to try to stop the murder of her brother Calvin (Brian Bradley) who was fatally shot by a police officer.

She travels to the past with Sebastian but fails to save Calvin because they did not arrive in time at the scene of the shooting. So they try once again, and this time C.J. saves her brother but Sebastian ends up shot and killed instead.

So she travels back in time once again, this time to save Sebastian. She saves Sebastian but only after Calvin sacrifices himself when Sebastian is arrested by the police.

When she returns to the present and tells Sebastian how she saved him in the past, Sebastian warns her to stop traveling to the past to reset history. But C.J. decides to travel back in time yet again to save her brother Calvin.

She tells Sebastian that she loves him and the film ends as she runs down the street in slow motion.

Fans were disappointed by the ending of the film

Many fans have expressed dissatisfaction about the ending of the movie, saying it ends on a massive cliffhanger and gives no closure.

“There is no actual ending, it just stop — like they ran out of budget and had to stop filming. It feels like too many movies are doing this,” one disappointed fan complains on YouTube.

Director Bristol wants viewers “to have their own interpretations”

But film director and writer Stefon Bristol told Decider that they deliberately ended the movie on this moment because they wanted the audience “to have their own interpretations.”

“I didn’t want the film to be wrapped up in a bow,” Bristol said. “I want the audience to have their own interpretation of what’s happening with our country.”

He also declined to share his own interpretation.

“If I give my own idea about what the ending is, and people find out ‘Oh, well the director says this,’ then that’s the end-all-be-all of the conversation, and I don’t want that,” he said.

Fans offer their interpretations

Creative fans have been offering their own interpretations of the ending.

“The point of the movie is that no matter how many times she goes back someone she loves will die,” one viewer said.

But another viewer offered a different but interesting take on the ending.

“I think it cuts off because she sacrificed herself so they could both live,” the viewer suggested.

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