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Rossif Sutherland interview: I stayed in character whole time filming River

Rossif Sutherland as John Lake, a doctor on the run after accidentally killing a man in Laos

This is Rossif Sutherland’s big weekend. River opens today, in which he does impressive work under difficult circumstances as John Lake, a doctor on the lam in Laos after accidentally killing a man.

And on Saturday night, Sutherland could be named Best Leading Actor for his work in River at the Canadian Oscars – the Canadian Screen Awards.

The son of Donald Sutherland and half-brother to Keifer, Sutherland’s career star has risen steadily over the past few years with a sweet boost in Paul Gross’s 2015 war drama Hyena Road.

River asks a lot of Sutherland. He must put us in an identifiably frightening spot, running to escape certain harsh justice in the Laotian communist dictatorship.

Lake literally runs in blistering heat in this unknown territory searching for a way out. It’s all about the tension.

We had the chance to speak with Sutherland, who told us he never dropped character for the duration of the shoot, as well as writer director Jamie M. Dagg.

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