Ridley Scott Films ‘in talks to bring Prophet comic character to big screen’

Prophet is a comic book superhuman soldier with a conscience. Copyright: Image Comics

M&C has heard Ridley Scott Films are in talks to develop a sci-fi thriller based on the comic book character Prophet.

The movie would be based on the Image Comics’ character John Prophet, a homeless man alive during World Word II. He volunteers to take part in some experiments carried out by Dr. Horatio Wells, a scientist and time traveller from the future.

Wells uses DNA manipulation to change Prophet into a super-human soldier with evil instincts but has a change of heart. You can read more about the character here.

Prophet’s character was created by Rob Liefeld and first appeared in Image Comics’ Youngblood back in 1992.

Liefeld, who is thought to be one of the producers, also created Bloodstrike and The Covenant.

This is not the first time the movie has been in development. TriStar Pictures had the rights back in the 1990s and planned a live-action movie, but it never got made.

Ridley Scott, Rob Liefeld and Brooklyn Weaver are believed to be producing.

Ridley Scott Films refused to comment last night.

Further details when we get them.

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