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Red Dot: Who’s in the cast?

Anastasios Soulis starring as David in the Netflix movie Red Dot.
Anastasios Soulis starring as David in the movie Red Dot. Pic credit: Netflix

The new Netflix foreign thriller Red Dot has wowed audiences around the world. This Swedish movie follows a young couple who try to rekindle their marriage during a short trip to the countryside to see the Northern Lights.

Released on February 11, Red Dot is a nail-biting thriller filled with a few dark twists. Set to the beautiful winter backdrop of the Swedish mountains, it combines a suspenseful plot and incredible performances with stunning cinematography. 

The movie’s main couple, David and Nadja, find themselves being ruthlessly hunted by a bizarre group of men while they are camping in a desolate area. With no phone, keys, or weapons, they have to fight through the winter weather — in addition to the several challenges the hunters have laid out for them, in order to seek safety.

Netflix describes the movie as: 

“When a red laser dot appears in Nadja and David’s tent, the once romantic trip now becomes a fight for their lives. During this sadistic hunt, the couple’s past comes back to haunt them..”

Red Dot is a Swedish movie and the production’s cast and crew are native to that area. The movie’s director, Alain Darborg is best known for directing the 2015 Swedish action movie The Master Plan which was met with average reviews, despite receiving two awards and a nomination. 

Darborg also wrote episodes of the Swedish police drama series, Alex. Reviewing the series for The Guardian, critic Tim Dowling referred to it as “blunt-force entertainment.” He wrote, “Alex is a gritty, gripping, pitch-black thriller, well worth the suspension of disbelief required in down payment.”

Starring in Red Dot as the two main characters is Nanna Blondell and Anastasios Soulis. Blondell will soon be starring in Marvel’s upcoming movie Black Widow which she excitedly announced on her Instagram. 

Prior to Red Dot, Blondell starred in the Swedish series Second Avenue, Real Humans, and Twin.

Anastasios Soulis also has a successful history in Swedish entertainment. Most recently, he played the character Paul Hultén in the series, The Machinery. 

On his Instagram account, he posted a behind-the-scenes image from when Red Dot finished filming. He added the caption “wrapped” and tagged Netflix Nordic, the Scandinavian account for the platform. 

Other actors in Red Dot include; Johannes Kuhnke (Real Humans), Kalled Mustonen (Netflix’s Quicksand), and footballer turned actor, Thomas Hanzon (Agent Hamilton).

Red Dot is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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