Rambo: Last Blood trailer: Sylvester Stallone’s war veteran takes on a vicious Mexican cartel

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: Last Blood
Sylvester Stallone returns as John Rambo in Rambo: Last Blood

Lionsgate just released the trailer for Rambo: Last Blood, starring Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo. And judging from the trailer, the years haven’t taken their toll on the commando skills of the battle-scarred character.

In the fifth installment of the Rambo action franchise, scheduled to hit theaters on September 20, Sylvester Stallone returns with the explosive, old-time one-man-battalion action that is John Rambo’s stock-in-trade, even though Stallone himself will be 73 when the movie premieres.

Rambo: Last Blood is set to premiere 37 years after First Blood, the first movie in the Rambo action franchise. Stallone was 36 years old when First Blood premiered in October 1982.

The trailer opens with Stallone’s Rambo sitting out on the porch of a house set in a barren landscape.

“I’ve lived in a world of death,” Rambo says in his familiar brooding tone as Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road plays. “I’ve watched people I’ve loved die. Some fast with a bullet… some not enough left to bury.”

“All these years I’ve kept my secrets. But the time has come to face my past,” he continues while honing his cutthroat command knife. “I want them to know that death is coming and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.”

Through the trailer, we see Rambo in his element, doing what he does best, booby-trapping, shooting and blowing ’em up.

Who is in the movie?

Rambo: Last Blood stars Sylvester Stallone as John J. Rambo, Adriana Barraza as Rambo’s friend Maria, and Paz Vega as journalist Carmen Delgado covering the drug trade in Mexico.

Yvette Monreal plays Gabrielle, a young girl kidnapped by members of a Mexican cartel, while Sergio Peris-Mencheta plays Mexican cartel leader Hugo Martinez.

Other cast members include Oscar Jaenada and Joaquín Cosío.

What is it about?

John Rambo crosses the border into Mexico to rescue his friend’s daughter Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal) after she is kidnapped by a violent Mexican cartel.

Production details

The upcoming movie, written by Sylvester Stallone and Matt Cirulnick, is directed by Adrian Grunberg.

The production companies involved in the movie are Millennium Films, Millennium Media, Balboa Productions, Campbell Grobman Film, in association with Lionsgate.

Rambo: Last Blood is the sequel to 2008’s Rambo. John Rambo is based on the character created by David Morrell. First Blood was based on the 1972 novel of the same name by Morrell and followed a troubled but battle-hardened Special Forces soldier and Vietnam veteran.

Filming of Rambo: Last Blood began in Bulgaria in October 2018, and ended in December 2018. Some of the scenes for the move were reportedly filmed in Tenerife, Canary Islands

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