Olivia on The Princess Switch recast for ‘Switched Again’: Alexa Adeosun replaced by new actress Mia Lloyd

olivia on princess switch 2 recast alexa adeosun replaced by mia lloyd
Actress Mia Lloyd as Olivia in The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again. Pic credit: Netflix

Viewers are finding out that the character Olivia on The Princess Switch was recast for the sequel movie Switched Again, and some are giving their opinions of the casting change.

The original film came out several years ago and featured actress Alexa Adeosun in the role. However, the new movie has a new actress playing the role.

It’s an interesting switch as this doesn’t fool viewers like they might be by Hudgens’ multiple roles in the story.

Here are more details on the actress switcheroo that happened with The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again.

The Princess Switch 2 brings Vanessa Hudgens back for multiple roles

Streaming platform Netflix released The Princess Switch in November 2018, starring Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, and Nick Sagar.

It’s a Christmas romantic comedy in which Hudgens plays two roles. She stars as the Duchess of Montanaro, Margaret Delacour, and a talented young baker in Chicago named Stacey DeNovo.

The plot involves a similar theme to Mark Twain’s classic novel, The Prince and the Pauper. Basically, both of Hudgens’ characters run into one another. Due to the fact they look identical, they’re able to switch places.

The story also involves Kevin Richards (Nick Sagar), who helps run the Chicago pastry shop with Stacy. Kevin also has a young daughter named Olivia.

Stacy, Kevin, and Olivia end up traveling to Belgravia to compete in a prestigious baking competition.

Viewers see Vanessa Hudgens back in her original roles with a new twist involved for Switched Again.

However, Kevin’s young daughter Olivia, originally played by actress Alexa Adeosun, was recast for the sequel.

Actress Mia Lloyd is Olivia in Switched Again

Netflix just recently released The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again on November 19. In the sequel, a new actress plays Olivia.

That new young actress who was recast in the role of Olivia is Mia Lloyd. She appears to be getting started in terms of TV and movie roles.

Along with the Netflix original film Switched Again, she played Stephanie in the fifth episode of the 2020 series, The Duchess.

She also appeared in the acclaimed 2020 PBS Masterpiece Mystery mini-series Flesh and Blood, where she played Maddie. Those episodes of the PBS television series arrived this past October.

As far as her taking on the role of Olivia in Switched Again, it’s brought some backlash, based on Twitter comments, as viewers who enjoyed the original movie were disappointed by the recasting.

“Them replacing Olivia in the Sequel to Princess switch don’t sit right with me.. and ofc she’s … yk,” one Twitter user commented.

Another Twitter commenter expressed their disapproval of the recasting of the role.

olivia recast for princess switched 2 switched again
Pic credit: Twitter

Yet another commenter said they enjoyed the sequel but questioned why they couldn’t bring back the original actress.

olivia switched again recast role
Pic credit: Twitter

Why was Olivia recast for The Princess Switch 2?

Interestingly, that’s the big question lingering as The Princess Switch 2 is being watched by many people. There haven’t been any reports anywhere to indicate why Olivia was recast with actress Mia Lloyd.

The original actress who played Olivia, Alexa Adeosun, last appeared in a role in 2019, per her IMDB listing.

That role was as Young Nyela in the TV series, The Athena. After that, there hasn’t been much chatter about what she’s up to or whether she’ll be back for the planned third movie in The Princess Switch series.

So that could mean Mia Lloyd is back as Olivia again unless Netflix opts for yet another recast to really throw viewers off.

The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again is available on Netflix.

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