New Final Destination movie: When will it be released?

Final Destination
The Final Destination franchise is getting a reboot. Pic credit: New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema has revealed that Final Destination is coming back.

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, the writers behind the successful and frightening Saw franchise, will pen the script for this reboot.

Little is known about this new movie, with New Line Cinema only revealing that they have chosen the writers for the new movie.

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At the present time, it seems that the production company is only going for a single movie and not a reboot of all five in the franchise.

In terms of a release date, nothing has been revealed. However, given the writers are just starting to work on the script now, the movie may start filming late 2019 or 2020, which could mean a release date in late 2020 or in 2021.

It has been 19 years since the original Final Destination movie was released. It premiered in 2000 and starred heartthrob Devon Sawa, alongside Ali Larter. The concept was original and it brought horror fans to the movie theaters, earning $112 million globally.

In total, the entire Final Destination franchise has earned around $700 million globally.

There are a total of five movies in the franchise, starting with the original from 2000. In the original movie, a teenager has visions of a plane going down and him dying alongside his friends. He skips the flight, only to see it explode. That’s when Death starts hunting them down.

The second movie was released in 2003, three years later. Ali Larter returned to the sequel, but A.J. Cook played the lead role of Kimberly Corman, who tried to prevent people from dying in a massive highway accident.

The third movie was released in 2006 with a brand new cast. In this one, it’s a deathly ride on a rollercoaster that scared viewers. Even though none of the original actors were in the third movie, the concept of Death was the same.

The fourth movie was called The Final Destination and was released in 2009. In this movie, a young man has a premonition that a race-car crash will kill several of his friends, so he tries to prevent it. In true Final Destination fashion, Death comes back to claim them one by one.

The final movie in the franchise is Final Destination 5, which was released in 2011. Here, a suspension-bridge collapse is the focus of the movie and the survivors spend the remainder of the movie trying to cheat Death.

It’s uncertain whether the new Final Destination movie will be the sixth installment or will stand on its own.

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