Natasha Henstridge talks Against the Wild

Natasha Henstridge in Against the Wild
Natasha Henstridge in Against the Wild

Monsters and Critics chats to actress Natasha Henstridge about her role in the movie Against the Wild.

The weather’s wild so if the family’s staying indoors this March Break week, there’s a movie out Tuesday that will inspire and entertain.

Against the Wild finds a brother and sister (CJ Adams and Erin Pitt) enroute to their father’s home in remote northern Canada when their sea plane crashes.

Leaving their injured pilot to seek help, they set out through the mountains with just their Husky, their wits and a little survival training. Natasha Henstridge plays their mother, who when she learns that her children are in danger, feels guilty because she wasn’t with them and revs in maternal overdrive to find them.

M&C spoke with Henstridge from L.A.

M&C: The film promotes in subtle and entertaining ways how Cub Scout’s wilderness preparedness is important, to learn survival skills.

Henstridge: So many people live in cities and don’t think about that much. It’s not the kind of thing they prepare themselves for until after the fact.

Like in LA it’s only after the earthquake that they all start to prepare for them. It can’t be dangerous not to know. We were deep in the woods shooting at Lion’s Head (Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula) and I fell in love with it especially at the time of year when we were there, the leaves were turning and it was extra special. The light was beautiful.

M&C: Your character suffers tremendous remorse that she wasn’t on the plane with her children when it crashed. That must be a very difficult thing for a mother.

Henstridge: As a mother myself and knowing how everything in your life changes so drastically the second you have children, every time you’re away from them.

I remember reading that when you have a child, it’s like they are your heart walking around outside your body. Whenever you’re away there is that element, even when they’re mature, and when they’re infants, its horrifying to be away.

It gets easier and easier and they go on with life and so you prepare them for the world. Even flying after having children can be traumatic.

It’s a strange experience, the ultimate fear of losing a child and not to be there and protect and not prepare. You’re on the edge of your seat; there’s nothing worse than that.

It was very difficult to act because I don’t know how one would behave in a situation beyond the realm of what I know. So in that way it was so difficult.

You only have a few scenes and so much information to get across but you can’t crumble in the fetal position. It really depends on the person.

M&C: These young actors were terrific; did you help them out with any acting tips?

Henstridge: They have some experience. CJ Adams was in The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Erin has had experience. They are the most normal kid actors I’ve ever worked with.

Ultimately the main thing is if they are going to be working that many hours and they have to enjoy it. And they liked each other. They were good friends by the end. It’s all an education.

M&C: They encounter bears, wolves, raccoon and wild life that could have been unsafe. I really appreciate the film’s sensible approach to our relationship to animals, domestic and wild.

Henstridge: I didn’t have scenes with the animals but I heard fantastic stories. Like the day the bear came onset, he’s a celebrity and everyone was really excited. He’s been in a lot of movies.

When he was coming to town it was like it was Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. We were jealous of the bear getting all the focus. It’s a dog’s world!

M&C: This is a film that parents and children can watch together and enjoy.

Henstridge: There’s nothing like seeing a feel good movie. We are inundated these days with social media and news and so much negativity and so it’s nice to see morality and positive messages.

Lots of films are on the other end of that spectrum always feels good to be part of something with good message.

Against the Wind is available on DVD and Digital Download March 11th.

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