MoviePass plan changes again — Here are the details of the new plan

MoviePass plan changes
MoviePass is changing their plan again

When MoviePass came out it looked too good to be true, and that is because it was. Today, the reports broke that the MoviePass plan changes again. Here are the details of the new plan.

Mashable reported that on August 15, MoviePass will change its terms once again and only allow the $9.95 subscribers to go to three total movies a month. They will try to make it better by giving out discounts if the subscriber wants to attend more than three movies.

Interestingly, the MoviePass website has two plans to choose from right now — the $9.95 plan to see a new movie every day and the $7.95 plan for just three movies a month.

“Beginning August 15, 2018, MoviePass subscribers will transition to the new plan upon their renewal, which gives subscribers up to three movies a month for $9.95, and up to a $5.00 discount for any additional movie tickets.”

This goes against the argument that MoviePass made when AMC joined the subscription model game with three movies a week.

Now, it looks like AMC will offer 75 percent more movies than MoviePass for only $10 more a month — no blackouts and subscribers can see movies in all formats including IMAX and 3D.

Over the last two weeks, MoviePass announced that many first-run blockbuster movies would not be part of their customers’ plans. This was detailed in a letter from Mitch Lowe, the CEO, to his subscribers.

“In order to continue growing our service and maintaining a high level of financial discipline, we need to make some modifications…

We count on your support and loyalty while we implement these necessary steps for the company you’ve grown to love.”

Mission: Impossible – Fallout was the first to get blacked out and MoviePass gave no warnings until their customers were at the theaters and realized they couldn’t see the current number one movie in the nation.

This past weekend, screenings of neither The Darkest Minds nor Christopher Robin were allowed under the MoviePass plan. However, The Spy Who Dumped Me was allowed as MoviePass worked out a deal with the studio to promote that one.

On top of that, peak pricing was added to every movie outside of very old ones almost every night.

In Lawton, Oklahoma, there are two theaters. One is a giant AMC and the other is a smaller New Vision in the mall. Peak pricing at the AMC theater for almost every movie at night was $6. This was even on nights where there were no more than 30 cars in the theater parking lot.

Tickets for all night screenings at the New Vision theater were only $7.51.  At $9.95 a month and $6 for every screening shown at night, it would take seven movies to make MoviePass worth it if a person chose New Vision over AMC.

Now, with the new changes, it isn’t worth it at all. The entire controversy resulted in movie ticketing service to offer a contest to people who “broke up with” MoviePass.

According to a press release sent out by MoviePass, there will be positive changes to go along with limiting the movies from one a day to three a month.

The peak pricing will be gone (or as the press release claimed — “suspended”), so the $9.95 a month will get a person into three screenings a month.

They also promised that “most” first-run movies will not be blocked out, but they included the word “most” — which most MoviePass subscribers know is where the problems lie.

MoviePass has changed their subscription model on almost a weekly basis since they reportedly ran out of money last month — the day before the release of Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Here is a look at the changes that MoviePass made:

  • 2011 – MoviePass debuts at $50 a month.
  • 2012 – MoviePass starts using credit cards and lowers prices to $24.99.
  • 2016 – MoviePass offers tiers for either an unlimited plan ($40-$50) or a two a month plan ($15-$21).
  • 2017 – MoviePass drops to $9.95 a month, unlimited.
  • 2018 (a) – 4 movie a month plan for new subscribers — same price.
  • 2018 (b) – Unlimited returns, but no more repeat viewings of the same movies.
  • 2018 (c) – Implements new rule to force users to take a picture of the ticket and send it in to get into next movie.
  • 2018 (d) – Peak pricing is implemented from $2 to $6 for non-specific movies, which ended up being 80% of the movies at night.
  • 2018 (e) – Blocking popular first releases, the first being Mission: Impossible – Fallout.
  • 2018 (f) – Announced that they were raising prices to $14.95 in August with the same rules.
  • 2018 (g) – Today’s press release that said the MoviePass changes are going to keep the price at $9.95 for only three movies a month (this is instead of the $14.95 pricing increase)

Hollywood Reporter revealed that MoviePass claims they want to remove the subscribers that see more than three movies a month since those subscribers “stress” the system. MoviePass reports that most subscribers only see three movies a month.

At least now it is clear. If you see more than three movies a month, MoviePass might not be the subscription model best for you — if there is an AMC close by.

With AMC, a person can see 12 movies a month for $19.95. 12 movies with MoviePass will now cost up to $54 a month. The new MoviePass plan change is now just good for those who rarely visit their local theater.

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