Massi Furlan joins The Dark Knight Rises

Massi Furlan
Massi Furlan, who has joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises. Pic credit: ©

Italian actor Massi Furlan has joined the cast of Christopher Nolan’s high anticipated The Dark Knight Rises and has already shot his scene on the film.

Furlan, who has yet to announce his role in the film and has to keep details of his part quiet for now, has stated filming with Nolan and company was “an extraordinary experience.”

The actor, who is from Treviso, Italy (a town near Venice), has been keeping busy with the role of a Serbian hitman named Zoran for the final season of One Tree Hill. He has also enjoyed a re-occurring role as Giovanni on General Hospital. The actor appeared in the role of ‘Leon’ during the finale of Criminal Minds.

Furlan has been seen in supporting roles in Aim High with Jackson Rathbone, Spreading Darkness with Eric Roberts, John Savage and James DuVal. Furlan, who has a comedy background in Italy, is expected to start work on a new film in Cambodia next spring.

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