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Life of Crime, Daniel Schechter’s Black Comedy is Shockingly Funny

Jennifer Aniston and Tim Robbins are husband and wife in Life of Crime, Daniel Schechter’s adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel Switch.

A pair of incompetent – but likeable – cons (John Hawkes and Mos Def) kidnap her and demand $1M in ransom.  Her husband’s not paying, so she joins forces with the abductors to wreak a little vengeance.

Part black comedy, satire,  melodrama, and  seventies time capsule, filmmaker Daniel Schechter went the extra mile to serve Leonard’s story including convincing Aniston to go “dark” and locating a chilling collection of Nazi memorabilia.


There’s quite a collection of Nazi regalia in the kidnap house, which is rather startling.  How did you find the stuff?

We found a collector in Michigan who had a lot of valuable and disturbing memorabilia, historically curated.  I wanted to see it with my own eyes.

There were photos and medals and uniforms and grenades.  There was such rich detail in that room.  It was so distasteful, absolutely, but also it was cinematically preserved and it was a pleasure putting it in the film.

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