The Lego Movie Review

The Lego Movie is filled with laughs and heart.
The Lego Movie is filled with laughs and heart.

A movie about Lego characters isn’t a new concept, but this Lego movie really sets an unbelievable standard. Aided by outstanding animation, voice acting, and comedy, The Lego Movie is not just an advertisement for Lego blocks and Lego sets, it is a multi-million dollar recreation of childhood play that will entertain children and adults.

Emmet is an ordinary Lego figure who follows all of the rules. He is perfectly contempt drinking overpriced coffee, watching the reality show “Where Are My Pants?”, and working at his construction site. His world changes whenl he discovers a rebel girl at the construction site after hours. He stumbles into a pit that contains a legendary Piece of Resistance. This object has the power to stop the main villain (appropriately named Lord Business) from using his ultimate weapon to glue the Lego universe together.

Emmet’s problem is that a prophecy is attached to the object that refers to him as a creative and unique Masterbuilder, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. With help from a variety of Lego figures, Emmet learns to abandon the instruction manuals and build something original.

The Lego Movie isn’t short on laughs or heart. The movie is packed with gags, puns, and cameos. Many different movie characters make appearances (Similar to Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph) and lots of jokes are cracked between them. The movie also has a lot of American pop culture deeply rooted in it. The characters are far more than plastic figures. Each one of them is funny in their own way and you can’t help but feel for each of them. Even Lord Business can be related to by the audience.

From the moment the movie started, it was a mesmerizing visual masterpiece. In an era where movie animation attempts to be as realistic looking as possible, The Lego Movie immediately stands out. Everything in the movie is made entirely from colorful Lego bricks and the animation is a wonderful combination of stop motion animation and computer generated effects that tie along nicely with the Lego theme.

Along with great visuals and gags is a great cast. Will Arnett does an incredible job as Batman. Chris Pratt adds an entire new level of character to Emmet. The rest of the cast is just as talented and make The Lego Movie worth watching over and over.
The Lego Movie is one of the few movies that can have multiple messages depending on how you look at it. On the most basic level it teaches to believe in yourself and to be creative. Putting the plastic brick theme aside, The Lego Movie is a metaphor for childhood, government, order and many other things.

It’s more than an advertisement, The Lego Movie is a unique tale that you will want to watch over and over. It has a perfect balance of comedy, visuals, and story that will leave you wanting more.

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