Lea Thompson on the ’embarrassing’ stories behind new movie The Year of Spectacular Men

Lea Thompson talking on The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti
Lea Thompson talks about The Year of Spectacular Men on The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti

Lea Thompson has revealed how her new movie The Year of Spectacular Men was borne out of “embarrassing and hilarious” stories her daughter experienced as she started out in life after leaving college.

The drama-comedy, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival, was written by Back to the Future and Switched at Birth star Lea’s daughter Madelyn Deutch and is Lea’s directorial debut. It also stars her other daughter Zoey Deutch.

In our exclusive clip, Lea speaks about how Madelyn came up with the script, along with her own career, during an interview for the latest episode of FUSION TV’s The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti.

She says: “My daughter Madelyn went to school, she went to art school in New York, and she had this terrible year when she got out.

“She’s very millenial…it’s very difficult to figure out what you want to do once you graduate.

“The work place is so interesting, and connecting…dating right now is really difficult. You know, everyone’s swiping. It’s like ‘there’s somebody better’, or whatever. It’s just difficult to make human connections.”

Lea adds: “She was having these hilarious stories, so I said ‘write a script’, and she did and it was a great script and I really loved it…even though there were a lot of embarrassing insights into her life…her love life, etc.”

John Teti asks: “Drawn from real life?”

She says: “Yeah, some of the stuff kind of happened.”

John replies: “So I sense that the men in this movie are not as ‘spectacular’ as the title would have them.”

Lea says, smiling: “Yes, it’s a little sarcastic.”

The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti airs Thursdays at 9pm ET on FUSION TV.


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