The Jungle Book: Diamond Edition Blu-ray Review

The story of Mowgli and his jungle friends has arrived on Blu-ray in a new Diamond Edition that is packed with bonus materials to make it worth buying. Like past releases under the “Diamond Edition” banner, the classic film has been digitally re-mastered for Blu-ray and also includes a new introduction from Diane Disney Miller and Richard M. Sherman.

The Jungle Book is one of those classic Disney films everyone loves filled with fun characters and songs that make you want to instantly sing along.

Based loosely on Rudyard Kipling book and released in 1967, Walt Disney’s 19th animated feature follows the adventures of the young boy Mowgli. The audience is first introduced to Mowgli as a baby when he is found in a basket in the jungles of India by the black panther Bagheera. He takes Mowgli to a wolf family to raise as one of their cubs.

Years later, Mowgli’s life is put in danger when word spreads through the jungle of the return of the tiger Shere Khan, who has plans for the man cub. The wolf pack decides it is time to return Mowgli to the world of man, but the boy doesn’t want to go. Bagheera agrees to take Mowgli to the village, and their adventure will introduce the boy to a wider world and many new friends, including the loveable bear Baloo and the swinging orangutan King Louie.

Although the film has solid animation (which looks good on Blu-ray) and a great voice cast, the film’s best quality has to be the incredible musical numbers. From jazzy songs like “I Want To Be Like You” to the famous “Bear Necessities” the music in The Jungle Book has been loved by everybody for nearly 50 years now. It is simply timeless and just as entertaining now as it was on the big screen in 1967.

Along with a great film, the Blu-ray comes loaded with bonus material ranging from an alternate storyline and karaoke mode to more standard special features like commentary. Not all the material is new to the release, but Disney makes sure the wealth of features meet the studio’s standards for “Diamond Edition” releases.

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