Jeff Bridges in Big Lebowski 2? Fans left guessing over 2.3.19 sequel or Super Bowl commercial

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges teased Big Lebowski with a video on Twitter, causing confusion. Pic credit: @TheJeffBridges/Twitter

Jeff Bridges shared a video on Twitter yesterday, a brief clip of him playing his character of The Dude. It didn’t take long for his followers to question whether Bridges was announcing The Big Lebowski sequel.

The original The Big Lebowski was released in 1998, so it marks 21 years since the movie hit theaters. Better late than never, right?

But the short clip reveals the date of 2.3.19 in the end, which just so happens to be the Super Bowl. Disappointed fans who had hoped for a sequel quickly started guessing that this was merely a Super Bowl commercial sneak peek.

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The tweet, which was shared yesterday, has more than 6,700 comments from fans, many who were psyched at the idea of The Big Lebowski getting a sequel.

But others were quick to mention that this could be nothing more than a Super Bowl commercial. It’s clear that people were mixed in their reactions.

Jeff Bridges has made no mention of The Big Lebowski or a potential sequel. In fact, his IMDB page reveals that he isn’t currently working on a sequel to the Coen brothers’ hit movie from 1998.

Instead, he’s been working on an untitled Reed Morano project. He doesn’t have anything set to be released in 2019.

So, unless this is the best kept secret in Hollywood, it doesn’t look like The Big Lebowski sequel is happening. But, fans of the movie may be happy to revisit the character in a Super Bowl commercial.

As Bridges wrote in his tweet, “stay tuned.”

Back in 2013, the Coen brothers were asked about a potential sequel to the movie at the Cannes Film Festival in France. At the time, they appeared quite certain that a sequel would not happen. In fact, the whole idea of movie sequels didn’t sit well.

It sounds like the Super Bowl commercial is all we will get from The Dude.

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