Is Megan Is Missing based on a true story?

Megan Is Missing Still
The controversial movie Megan Is Missing has gone viral. Pic credit: Trio Pictures/YouTube

Megan Is Missing is a controversial movie that was released in 2011, but with a lot of renewed interest in the movie (thanks to TikTok), viewers are left wondering if it is a true story.

It appears that streaming platforms are not picking up the movie, so you won’t find it on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video.

The movie follows Megan Stewart, a popular 14-year-old high school student, played by Rachel Quinn. Megan and her best friend Amy (played by Amber Perkins) spend a lot of time chatting online with guys and posting videos and photos.

Megan decides to meet up with a boy named Josh but ends up being abducted. Amy reports the case to the police and an investigation ensues.

The movie is shot in a found-footage style and was panned by critics. The movie is based on real abduction cases where young girls meet up with strangers online.

Most viewers describe the movie as disturbing and violently graphic, with cringe-worthy acting – yet they have also found it engaging.

Megan Is Missing is banned in New Zealand, which only left many people much more curious about the American psychological horror film.

Is Megan Is Missing based on a true story?

Due to its graphic nature and found-footage style, many viewers are left wondering if the movie is based on a true story. Also, the seemingly poor acting left the impression that the movie contains real footage of an abduction.

Furthermore, there is a Facebook page claiming that Megan Stewart and Amy Herman are real people. Writer and director Michael Goi based the film on numerous true stories of child abduction, but it’s not based on a particular case.

Some sources claim the movie is based on seven child abduction cases.

The movie is fiction, though, and Megan and Amy are not real nor are they based on any particular child abduction cases.

Where can I watch Megan Is Missing?

It is very unlikely that Netflix or any other platform will pick up the movie. If you are a Netflix subscriber you can dig into horror movies such as The Silence of the Lambs, His House, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, Malevolent, and Gerald’s Game.

Megan Is Missing is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and other platforms that rent movies. Several viewers also claim to have watched the movie on YouTube.

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