Irish Wish: Lindsay Lohan returns to Netflix in first look at new rom-com

Lindsay Lohan on Netflix's Irish Wish.
Lindsay Lohan is ready to make an Irish wish. Pic credit: Netflix

Lindsay Lohan once body-swapped with Jamie Lee Curtis on Freaky Friday.

Later this year, she’ll swap places with a bride-to-be as she searches for love in Netflix’s Irish Wish as part of her two-film deal with the streamer.

The streaming service unveiled the official trailer this week, and it looks like a marked improvement on her previous effort, Falling for Christmas.

Lohan plays Maddie on Irish Wish, a young woman who is shocked when the love of her life gets engaged to her best friend.

Harboring feelings for the man who could have been hers, Maddie has to put them aside to be a bridesmaid at the lavish ceremony in Ireland.

Just when it seems like Maddie is resigned to not having the love of her life, she makes a “spontaneous wish for true love,” according to the press release.

Lindsay Lohan’s Maddie is in quite the predicament on Irish Wish

Things take a turn when she wakes up as the bride-to-be, but there’s a major caveat — Maddie starts to believe her real soulmate is someone else entirely.

It’s a frothy twist that we’re sure will lead to plenty of drama on-screen because, sometimes in life, the thing you want the most isn’t the best for you.

The trailer certainly hints at plenty of twists and turns as Maddie tries to come to terms with her wish and whether it was the best foot forward.

Our best guess? Maddie will make a wish to go back to where she was and choose to be with the new man in her life, restoring some semblance of order after things get interesting.

Who stars alongside Lindsay Lohan on Irish Wish?

The talented cast of Irish Wish also includes Ed Speleers, Alexander Vlahos, Ayesha Curry, Elizabeth Tan, Jacinta Mulcahy, and Jane Seymour.

That’s a lot of talent, and many of those faces are heavily present in the trailer.

Speleers is coming off scene-stealing stints on Star Trek: Picard and YOU, so we can’t wait to see what he brings to the table here.

Lohan has chemistry with Maddie’s love interests in the trailer, making us question how this story will end.

Will it be a predictable rom-com, or will it subvert expectations? We hope for the latter.

When does Irish Wish premiere on Netflix?

Irish Wish is set to premiere on Netflix around the globe on Friday, March 15, 2024.

We’re sure there will be plenty of excitement from Lohan’s fans and those who enjoy rom-coms.

We know we’ll be watching!

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