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The Seven Best Horror Movie Series On Netflix

Any horror fan knows that a good scary movie can leave you chilled to the bone. But a better one can leave you wanting more. Luckily, Netflix has a few of these films that you don’t have to say goodbye to so quickly. Here are seven different horror movies on Netflix with more than one sequel.

1 Hellraiser

The Hellraiser series is about an ancient puzzle box that contains a dark power which, once unleashed, does exactly what the name implies: raises hell. This nine-part series should not be passed over without a glance.

2 From Dusk Till Dawn

In the true style of a Quentin Tarantino film, From Dusk Till Dawn is a gory, violent, and sometimes even crudely comical vampire flick that you have to catch at least once in your lifetime. There are two more movies in the trilogy (Texas Blood Money and The Hangman’s Daughter) as well as a TV series.

3 Scream

A classic slasher film that comes about as close to breaking the fourth wall as it can while still taking itself seriously, Scream became a popular series with its first three movies in the nineties and managed to come back for revenge once in the new millennium. All four are now streaming.

4 Leprechaun

Don’t let the title fool you. The leprechaun is a crafty creature with a lust for gold that can not be sated. Watch out if you get in his way. This six instalment series is campy, imaginative, and verges on the ridiculous (especially in its latter half) but it’s worth a view.

5 The Prophecy

This series takes an interested twist on your classic struggle of good versus evil. “The Prophecy” turns angels against mankind in several interesting ways. With only four movies, this saga is one worth checking out, if only to see things in a new light.

6 Saw

Though Netflix currently only has the first four Saw movies, they can’t be left out of this list. The films entrap their audience with the chilling question: “do you want to play a game?” Saw is a psychological thriller series that forgoes the classic serial killer or monster motif for a more personalized fear delivery system.

7 Children of the Corn

Horror writers know that cults are scary, children can be terrifying, and corn is, well, corn. But a movie about a cult of children completely hidden away in the corn is a combination that simply should not be ignored. There are eight movies in this series but Netflix is only streaming seven. Children of the Corn II didn’t make the cut for some reason. But these movies should be added to your queue nonetheless for hours of creepy children doing what they think is right.

There you have it. 38 movies and (counting the From Dusk Till Dawn spin-off) one TV series for your twisted viewing pleasure. Now get out there and start watching.