Home Alone reboot cast includes Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney: Twitter has mixed reaction to news

Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney cast in Disney+ Home Alone reboot.
Disney+ is moving forward with Home Alone reboot and fans are not happy about it. Pic credit: Twentieth Century Fox

The Disney+ has revealed the cast starring in the streaming services upcoming Home Alone reboot.

Jojo Rabbit breakout star Archie Yates has been cast in the lead role. Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney have both signed on to the reboot to play pivotal characters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney+ is calling the movie a Home Alone reboot because of similarities to the 1990 hit starring Macaulay Culkin, but the flick has a separate story. The magazine is reporting Disney+ will change the title before the movie hits the streaming service.

There are no specifics regarding the storyline or who exactly Ellie and Rob are playing. Archie will play a role similar to Kevin McCallister, who is either the son of Ellie and Rob or a kid they go to war with over a stolen family heirloom. Both scenarios have been floating around the rumor mill, but Disney+ has not confirmed either.

Twitter is full of mixed reviews regarding the Home Alone reboot. Social media agrees that casting Archie, Ellie, and Rob is brilliant. If a reboot is happening, those three are perfect to take on the task of giving fans a new version of Home Alone.

The issue fans are having is not with the cast but rather Disney+ attempting to reboot the cult classic. There are two issues fans have with the new versions.

First, social media users have made it clear they are getting tired of Hollywood rebooting classics like Home Alone, instead of creating new hits. Second, many users wasted no time pointing out Home Alone already had a reboot.

Although it was considered a sequel, Home Alone 3 featured an entirely new cast and storyline, playing off the same concept as the original.


Stay tuned. There is definitely going to be more news unfolding around what Disney+ is calling a Home Alone reboot.

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