Help make a Bob Marley movie and get to live in a Caribbean paradise

REBELS: The Legend of Bob Marley will focus on people who played big roles in the star’s life

A film production company is offering people the right to live in Antigua and Barbuda in return for cash to help make a Bob Marley movie.

Golden Islands Filmworks Ltd has arranged an agreement with the Caribbean nation’s government which will provide backers and their family members with citizenship to the country.

In return investors must pledge at least US$410,000 towards the production costs of REBELS: The Legend of Bob Marley.

A beach in Antigua. Your future home — as long as you’ve got $410,000 to spare

As well as being able to live under the Caribbean sun, Antiguan citizenship will also allow backers to pay no personal, capital gains or inheritance tax in the country.

The movie is set to focus on Reggae star Marley and three of the men who played big roles in his life: gambler-turned-music producer Danny Sim; footballer and petty criminal Allan Skill Cole, who also managed Marley; and reggae singer-songwriter Johnny Nash.

The right to live in Antigua would come under what’s known as a Citizenship by Investment program.

Robert Martin, immigration chief at NTL Trust, who are helping arrange the investments, said:  “It offers a fun alternative to the usual real estate investments that our clients typically use.”

The film will follow 2012 documentary Marley, which followed the life of the star and his legacy.

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