Family members brawl at Disneyland’s Toontown while children look on [Video]

Family brawls at Disneyland
Family brawl at Disneyland caught on video. Pic credit: Inman Entertainment/YouTube

Anaheim Police said they were investigating a fight that broke out on Saturday between members of a family at Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland, Anaheim, California.

Police released the statement on Monday after a video showing the disturbing incident hit YouTube on Sunday, July 6.

Anaheim Police confirmed the people involved in the altercation were members of the same family. The department said they tried to interview them, but they refused to cooperate.

The police also said after the video was released, they were now utilizing it as part of their investigation.

The video (see below) shows three adults — two men and one woman — standing around a child in a stroller while exchanging angry words.

The woman appears at first to be trying to separate the two men, but after the man in a pink t-shirt addresses her angrily, she spits in his face, and he punches her.

The second man in a white t-shirt intervenes, and they begin to exchange blows.

Warning: Footage contains strong language and violence

A second younger woman intervenes, but the man in the white t-shirt punches her in the head while the other man in the pink t-shirt attacks the first woman again, pulling her hair and punching her in the face.

The fight devolves into a confused melee while a girl takes over the child’s stroller and pleads with the adults to stop fighting.

A third woman arrives in a motorized chair. She and another man try to stop the first and second woman as they begin exchanging blows, but she gets hit and drops to the ground.

The man in pink t-shirt returns and attacks the first woman again, hitting her and causing her to also fall to the ground.

The man in the white t-shirt comes to the rescue as onlookers intervene and try to stop the fight.

The fighting resumes after a brief lull when the man in pink suddenly unleashes fury on one of the women, bringing her down and pulling at her hair.

A crowd of men rescue the woman from the onslaught and restrain the enraged man.

More park security officers arrive and separate the quarreling family.

Many who saw the video criticized Disneyland security for taking too long to show up and stop the fight. But a spokesperson for Disney said they immediately escorted the family out of the park.

“We do not condone this behavior,” the Disneyland spokesperson said.

The shocking incident comes after Disneyland management temporarily halted several rides following the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit Southern California on Friday.

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