Exclusive interview: Condition of Return’s AnnaLynne McCord talks mental health, hits back at critics

AnnaLynne McCord in Condition of Return
AnnaLynn McCord talks about the intent behind Condition of Return. Pic credit: Pasidg Productions Inc.

AnnaLynne McCord is best known for roles in 90210 and Nip/Tuck, but her latest role as Eve Sullivan in Condition of Return differs from anything we’ve seen her in before.

Eve is gritty, wounded, and, after a series of traumas, seriously mentally unstable.

The Condition of Return character was also deeply religious, drawing on her Catholic faith to overcome many horrific events in her life.

AnnaLynne knows all too well the kind of repercussions that deep religious beliefs can have on a person, and she’s spoken out about it in the past.

After all, she was raised in a very religious household where her father was a pastor. AnnaLynne has previously accused her father of abuse.

While speaking with Monsters and Critics, she opened up about drawing from her past trauma while becoming Eve in Condition of Return and her reasons for taking on such a heavy role, to what she has to say to film critics who didn’t like it.

AnnaLynne McCord talks about taking on the role of Eve Sullivan in Condition of Return

The role of Eve Sullivan in Condition of Return is a controversial one, and that was noted immediately by film critics who called AnnaLynne out for playing the role of a mentally disturbed woman who shot up a church.

It wasn’t a role she took lightly, as AnnaLynne told Monsters and Critics, “Initially, I did not want to do this film, and my resistance is why I said yes.”

She continued, “Because if you know me, you know I do not do fear in my world. I am not interested in that whatsoever, so whenever I’m afraid of something, or a concern is popping up that’s making me not take a full, complete AnnaLynne step into life, which is typically a giant leap, I have to just immediately face it head on.”

After accepting the role, AnnaLynne was tasked with figuring out how she would bring Eve to life — a daunting task for such a traumatized, fragile character.

AnnaLynne talks about avoiding glorifying intense violence in Condition of Return

AnnaLynne knew going into this project that the subject material was very dark, and she had to approach it very carefully.

Best known for roles in 90210 and Nip/Tuck, AnnaLynne is no stranger to controversy and often confronts adversity head-on.

“There was the fear of glorifying the issue that is mass shootings, and I wanted to make sure that whatever we did with this that we were highlighting of the mental health decline of the young woman who ultimately chooses to perpetrate this horrible atrocity onto her congregation and not for anything else and not entertainment… flashy… whatever,” she explained.

When it came to protecting her own mental health while playing such a serious role, AnnaLynne opened up about taking trips to Sedona to clear her mind and always making sure to separate herself from Eve, as well as indulging in salt baths, burning sage, and using reiki to clear her energy of the character she was portraying.

Check out the interview below to hear more about AnnaLynne’s role, how she prepared for it, and what exciting project she has coming up next.

Condition of Return is currently streaming now on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV,

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