Exclusive: Brittany Snow and Ti West discuss new horror flick X [SXSW 2022]

screenshot of Brittany Snow in X
Brittany Snow stars in T West’s new horror movie X. Pic credit: A24/YouTube

Ti West’s latest horror movie titled X had a packed audience at its world premiere at SXSW prior to its theatrical release. It tells the story of a group of individuals who travel to a remote location in Texas to shoot an adult film, but as their evening progresses, things go terribly wrong.

Mia Goth, Brittany Snow, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, Scott Mescudi, and Owen Campbell star in leading roles, and the movie’s critical reception has been off-the-charts with positivity. Monsters and Critics had the chance to catch up with director, writer, and editor West, and leading actor Snow about their experiences filming X.

Ti West on his horror inspirations

West credited “1970s American filmmaking” as a big inspiration for X. Having previously helmed the horror flicks The Roost, The House of the Devil, and In a Valley of Violence, this new erotic thriller dives into some fresh territory for the famed director.

He said, “Certainly, people will quickly say Texas Chainsaw Massacre for obvious reasons, despite the movies being different. It makes sense because it shows Texas in the 70s and it’s a slasher movie. But I took inspiration from art films to road movies, like Two-Lane Blacktop and things like that. It’s really just a pastiche of the 1970s in an American city.”

When asked about his reaction to his all-star cast coming together, he mentioned, “Scott and I had known each other, so I had him in mind for this. But, everybody else, I met in the process of doing it and every single person was the first person I wanted. I really lucked out and they’re all tremendous.”

Production still from X
Pic credit: Christopher Moss/SXSW

Brittany Snow is ready for everybody to meet Bobby-Lynne

Snow takes a tremendous detour in her career as she steps into the role of famous pornstar Bobby-Lynne. Her character isn’t a stereotypical victim, instead, she is a firecracker of quick-witted remarks and talents. The blonde demonstrates her skills both on and off camera, dropping tips to the adult film’s cameraman and crooning a tune during her free time.

“It was a character that I really found interesting. I think it could have been done in a specific way where the girl might have been disrespectful to herself or others. She might not have had agency over her own sexuality and only used sex as a ploy to get ahead of the male characters,” shared Snow about her first impression of West’s script.

“What I found really interesting is that Bobby-Lynne is actually in control of her own sexuality and her own narrative,” she added.

She continued, “She is the one that’s leading the charge, in terms of wanting to do this movie, wanting to get somewhere in life, and being at the forefront of porn in general. That was something different and something I could really see myself doing and it was a challenge for me, but something I was excited to try.”

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X premieres in theaters on March 18, 2022.

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daiseyrab0993Stewart Mackie.
daiseyrab0993Stewart Mackie.
2 years ago

Brittany Snow.”X”Film by Ti West & prod Crew.Well done on Ms.Snow capable interpretation of character portrayal.Especially crafted face off with old “hag”. Thanks. Stewart.