Everything we know about Bo Burnham’s upcoming Netflix comedy special Inside

Production still from Make Happy.
Bo Burnham has a new comedy special premiering soon. Pic credit: Netflix

Comedian and filmmaker Bo Burnham recently announced his latest Netflix special titled Inside. The news of this upcoming special came as a major surprise to his fans as it was unknown that he was working on a new stand-up comedy project.

Currently, Burnham has two specials available for streaming on Netflix called Make Happy (2016) and what (2010). In both of these, he expertly delivers his signature self-deprecating sense of humor while performing his comedy routine through song.

In the past, fans and critics have been impressed by his unique sense of humor and form of delivery. Make Happy was given a 100% critic score from Rotten Tomatoes and a Google audience rating of 4.8 out of 5. So, Inside is highly anticipated.

What is Bo Burnham’s Inside?

Burnham announced his upcoming comedy special through his social media. He wrote, “Hi. I made a new special. It was filmed by me, alone, without a crew or an audience, over the course of the past year. It is almost finished. I hope you like it.”

The caption was posted along with a video from Make Happy, on both his Twitter and Instagram account. Clearing up some confusion, he specified, “For those asking how I filmed the first shot alone, I didn’t. That shot is from the end of my last special, five years ago.”

This isn’t the first time Burnham has explored moviemaking, and it’s not even his first time doing it alone. This entertainer first started out on YouTube back in 2006. Although he no longer posts regularly, his account is still active with 1.77 million followers. Some of his most popular videos have reached over 20 million views.

What do we know about Inside?

Sadly, there isn’t much that information that has been released about Inside, other than what Burnham has said himself. The series is expected to be released in the near future as Netflix has already added the title to their selection. When clicking on the title, the same clip that Burnham shared from Make Happy appears.

The synopsis reads, “A new comedy special shot and performed by Bo Burnham alone, over the course of the past year.” Netflix states that the special is “coming soon” and gives subscribers an option to set a reminder for its premiere.

Expectedly, it has been tagged with the genres “stand-up comedy” and “comedy specials.”

As confirmed by both Netflix and Burnham, the series was shot over the last year, during the height of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. With Burnham’s often existentialist and sardonic sense of humor, viewers should expect some commentary on the situation, especially because his comedy style tends to be observational of time-relevant topics.

Aside from comedy, Burnham also directed and wrote the coming-of-age movie Eighth Grade and starred in Promising Young Woman.

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Inside is expected to stream on Netflix.

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