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Emilia Clarke has great reaction to the return of her Star Wars character

Emilia Clarke on the red carpet
Emilia Clarke as Qi’ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Pic credit: ©

Warning: This story contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #1

Emilia Clarke is sharing her excitement at her Solo character returning to the Star Wars universe. 

The actress was as surprised as anyone when the first issue of the Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters mini-series brought the return of her Solo character Qi’ra. 

And Clarke also seems as excited as anyone to see what changes her character has in this new storyline. 

Qi’ra’s past

Solo was meant to be one of many spin-off movies Disney and Lucasfilm planned to have released in between new installments of the Skywalker Saga.

It told the origins of Han (played by Alden Ehrenreich) as he started life on Corellia. He was in love with Qi’ra, played by Clarke of Game of Thrones fame. The two were separated, with Han going to the Imperial army before meeting Chewbacca. 

The pair reunited when Han was pulled into a heist for the criminal syndicate Crimson Dawn. Qi’ra was now the right-hand woman for boss Dryden Vos. She and Han worked together for the heist with sparks flying. 

As the fallout went badly, Han and Qi’ra ended up killing Vos. Qi’ra seemed ready to join Han but instead took over Vos’ position herself, now working for Crimson Dawn’s leader, Darth Maul. 

Han was clearly heartbroken by her decision, which pushed him into his new smuggling life. 

Qi’ra’s return

qi'ra Star Wars
Emilia Clarke as Qi’ra in Solo A Star Wars Story. Pic credit: Lucasfilm

The new comic book story takes place shortly after The Empire Strikes Back. Boba Fett is transporting Han, now captured in carbonite, to Jabba the Hutt.

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Han ends up being stolen by Qi’ra, who appears to be the leader of Crimson Dawn now. She’s ready to auction off Han to the highest bidder with the Hutts, Rebels, Imperials, and others ready to bid. 

Yet it’s hinted Qi’ra may have a more personal reason for saving her former love. 

Speaking to, Clarke expressed her joyful surprise seeing Qi’ra back in the Star Wars saga. 

“It means so much. It means the absolute world. I know her backstory. I know her history. Maybe the movie didn’t get to go there, but that was such an honor and a privilege to be part of that universe as an actor. So then, to see the character actually be taken on to the origin of all of it — bringing it on home to the family in that way — cemented it in a way. I was not expecting to feel as moved as I was by that.”

Clarke and the MCU

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke is Qi’ra in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. Pic credit: Lucasfilm

While a Solo sequel sadly isn’t coming, Clarke is going to be working with Disney again. She’s joined the upcoming Secret Invasion series in a yet-undisclosed role. 

The series is expected to follow the comic book storyline of revealing the shape-changing Skrulls have secretly infiltrated Earth.

Clarke explained that, as with Star Wars, she was excited seeing what the MCU was capable of. 

I just think what they’re doing right now is so exciting and so cool, and so on the cutting edge of it. I feel like they’re like the Apple of this world. To be part of that family feels like, ‘Oh my god, I’m in the cool kid crowd. That’s so cool.’ Honestly speaking, the people that are making this are what pushed me over the line to really wanting to do it. I just think that everyone’s heart and heads are in the right place with this one.

On top of that, Clarke is the writer of M.O.M. (Mother of Madness), a new release from Image Comics. It focuses on a single mother who gains superpowers and fights a human trafficking ring. 

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It makes sense that Clarke can be as much of a geek about the projects she’s involved with as any of the fans who watch her in them. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story streaming on Disney+. Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #1 now on sale.

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