Don’t Breathe scares up $26.1million at box office

Jane Levy in Don't Breathe
Jane Levy in Don’t Breathe topped the weekend box office. Credit: Gordon Timpen/Sony

Don’t Breathe scared up a winning $26.1million at the box office this weekend.

Screen Gems’ frightener only cost $10million to make so will make excellent profits for Sony by the time it finishes its run, one reason the genre is so popular with studios.

Suicide Squad spent three weeks at the number one spot, despite its lukewarm reviews. It took in $12.1million to land the number two spot.

The very beautiful Kubo and the Two Strings stop-motioned its way to $7.9 million and the number three spot.

Another very different animation at number four in the form of adult themed comedy Sausage Party.

Jason Stratham debuts at the fifth spot with Mechanic: Resurrection, which took $7.5million.

The rest of the top ten was taken up with Pete’s Dragon, War Dogs, Bad Moms, Jason Bourne and Ben-Hur.

Weekend Box Office Estimates

1. Don’t Breathe – $26.1million

Don’t Breathe Trailer

2. Suicide Squad – $12.1million

Suicide Squad Trailer

3. Kubo and the Two Strings – $7.9million

Kubo and the Two Strings Trailer

4. Sausage Party – $7.7million

Sausage Party Trailer

5. Mechanic: Resurrection – $7.5million

Mechanic: Resurrection Trailer

6. Pete’s Dragon – $7.3million

Pete’s Dragon Trailer

7. War Dogs – $7.3million

War Dogs Trailer

8. Bad Moms – $5.8million

Bad Moms Trailer

9. Jason Bourne – $5.2million

Jason Bourne Trailer

10. Ben-Hur – $4.5million

Ben-Hur Trailer

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