Disney’s Aladdin 2019: Does it have after credits scenes?

Does Aladdin have after credits? Pic credit: Walt Disney

Aladdin, Walt Disney’s new musical fantasy film, hit theaters across the U.S. on Friday. The film, written by John August and directed by Guy Ritchie, stars Will Smith as the fabled Arabian genie, alongside Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine.

The film has received average to positive reviews with praise given to the performance of the actors.

In the movie, a sailor tells his young children a story about young Aladdin, a street kid in the Arabian kingdom of Agrabah who has a crush on the Sultan’s daughter Princess Jasmine.

He finds a magic flying carpet and a magic lamp and accidentally releases the genie (Will Smith) trapped in the lamp.  A breathtaking romantic adventure follows.

Since the plot and storyline of Aladdin are self-contained and the movie has a definite conclusion, most fans felt it was unlikely it would have a sequel and that it was unlikely to have after credits sequences teasing a sequel.

However, if you left immediately after the movie and did not stay for the end credits, here is what you missed.

Aladdin has extra scenes during the credits

The film does have extra scenes during the credits but no after credits scenes.

Viewers who stayed through saw both an additional scene and a musical number. The scene shows Aladdin and Princess Jasmine’s wedding party with guests dancing to Never Had A Friend Like Me.

The musical number is certainly worth hanging around to see, and we encourage moviegoers who have not seen the movie to stay after the movie to enjoy it.

And even without the extra song, we always recommend that moviegoers stick around for the end credits as a way of honoring members of the production crew whose months — and sometimes years — of hard work make great movies possible.

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